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College of Adaptive Arts is approaching the end of its fiscal year, and we are asking for your help to raise 30K in 30 days. Our goal is for 100 new people to sign up as recurring donors for just $25 or $30 a month. The first 50 who do will receive a special CAA Swag Bag and be entered into a contest to have a personalized song created for them by CAA songwriting students! Please check out our donation page and give what you can.

Welcome To College Of Adaptive Arts

College of Adaptive Arts is a cutting edge nonprofit in San Jose, CA paving a new path for adults with special needs who historically have not had access to college education to have a safe and adaptive collegiate environment to continue to learn, grow, and become the best versions of themselves. CAA provides a safe and engaging lifelong educational environment where the adult students can flourish, thrive, and push the boundaries of their full potential. CAA offers 1-hour classes in 10 Schools of Instruction, simulating a full liberal arts education that you will find at any campus of higher learning.

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A Moment of Spontaneity by Danie Weaver, Director/Professor - School of Communications

A moment of Spontaneity: As a teacher I have learned a few things about how to help class move smoothly....

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where students can flourish and thrive and continue to push the boundaries of their potential.

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CAA Weekly Updates: July 5 - 8

Aug 18, 20216:10 pm

* Welcome to Summer Quarter 2022! College of Adaptive Arts welcomes all new and returning adults and their families and careproviders to an equitable, lifelong collegiate experience for those who historically have not had access to college education. We are so honored you have chosen to join the CAA Lifelong Learning family!! * Seven new community leaders have joined the CAA Superstaff...READ MORE

Mid-Week Updates: Zoom links & Hybrid Class Schedule 😃

Sep 05, 20215:20 pm

Mid-Week Updates: Good Morning CAA Summer Quarter Registered Students: *Here are the Zoom links & the CAA Summer class hybrid/in-person schedule for reference and circulation. * We have decided to reinstate the mask mandate, social distancing, and proof of vaccination status for the summer quarter for all persons coming to the site in person. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this complex COVID19...READ MORE

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