On July, 2020 the West Valley Mission Community College District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to bring College of Adaptive Arts onto the beautiful campus of West Valley to be a Living Learning Lab/Leadership Training/Work Study program for its host campus students while allowing College of Adaptive Arts adult students to continue to learn and grow on an authentic college campus.

The vision is to show the world how this model can be replicated on any and every campus of higher learning across the world. College of Adaptive Arts strives to become as accessible and robust in education that the Special Olympics model so effectively provides through athletics.

We’d love your help as we continue Moving the Mountain for most hungry and eager adult lifelong learners who historically have not had access to college education.

Mission: To provide a lifelong collegiate experience to adults with special needs who historically have not had access.

History in the Making: College of Adaptive Arts has been graciously welcomed on the beautiful campus of West Valley College when in July of 2020 the West Valley Mission Community College District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to bring College of Adaptive Arts onto its campus to be a living learning tab, leadership training/work-study model for host campus students.

Swenson Development under the visionary leadership of Case Swenson has been a staunch CAA supporter for the past 6 years. They are currently building an accessible bathroom on the inside of the portable.

CAA has additional needs to make it ready for the students, and we area asking for your help: If you or a family you know would be able to sponsor a renovation project at varying sponsorship levels, you and/or you company will receive a permanent name plate honoring and celebrating your support.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Removing current dance floor at the old site
  • Installing dance floor at new site at West Valley College
  • Installing wifi access points
  • Painting projects (interior/exterior)
  • Internal build-out of site infrastructure (hanging mechanisms/installing mirrors/tech equipment)
  • COVID safety infrastructure

Please email board members Steve Fiss or Sandee Kiehl if interested in underwriting one of these site projects.


Running List Of Site Projects:

    • Painting interior walls
    • Painting the exterior
  • One-way observations windows
  • New dance mirrors
  • Site signage in alignment with West Valley College guidelines
  • Carpet cleaning underwriting
  • COVID safety infrastructure
  • Additional water cooler units
  • Walkie-talkies with expanded reception areas
  • Wall monitor units for digital updates
  • Electric drive-about vehicle for student transport

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Thank you to our sponsors!