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Last 2 Days of Winter Quarter Registration: We Are Here for You
+ Omicron variant updates
Winter Quarter Begins Mon. Jan 10, 2022


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Mid-Week Updates:

Dr. Pam and Registrar Sarah are hosting a live Zoom training on how to log-in/navigate the new Registration portal on Thursday, December 9th (tomorrow) at 7:15pm

Here are the links for the Winter Quarter 2022 Class Schedule, the Winter Quarter Course Descriptions Catalog, and the updated 2022 4-Quarter Dates with an updated start date of Monday, January 10, 2022.

Winter Quarter Registration will be happening through the month of December. Friday, December 31 will be the last day to register for all returning and new students for the Winter Quarter 2022.

Reminder that the last day of this Fall Quarter is Tuesday, December 21 as Mid-Quarter Break & Thanksgiving break are combined each Fall Quarter.

*CAA’s Annual Graduation & Holiday Concert Choir: Saturday, December 18, 2-4pm: Hybrid in person & on Zoom. Here’s the Graduation Flyer with the Registration link for reference & circulationCAA is very proud to announce CAA’s 2021 Valedictorian: Jenni Pencer Salutatorian: Colin Werner. The Honorable Rod Diridon, Sr. Five-time Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors & Executive Director Emeritus of the Mineta Transportation Institute will be the keynote speaker.

Winter Quarter 2022 Registration is now live! Families should now have received and submitted the new student information form and have received their username and password to log into the class administration portal. When you log in to your portal account once you have submitted the online student application, you will find the Winter 2022 course request form by clicking the Forms tab and then selecting “Class Request Form.” An email went out to all families today with more detailed instructions. If you have not submitted the student information form and received your portal username and password, please email

The CAA Mountain Movers leadership team has launched a Regroup & Grow Campaign to be build capacity to support the ever-growing CAA Student Body. Here are some highlights of the campaign to date:

  • Winter Quarter will now begin on Monday, January 10 (this will be a 9-week quarter just for this first quarter in 2022)
  • Jan 3-7 will be a Staff Professional Development/Freeze Week
  • All Winter Quarter Registration will happen by December 31st
  • 50% of CAA classes will begin hybrid/in-person beginning January 10 – with a max of 2 CAA classes at a time at the site & a max of 12 students in person/class
  • Minimum class size is 6 students
  • You will be notified during Freeze Week if a class does not meet the minimum enrollment so that you can register for a different class if desired
  • Student check-in will now be called YANA Group (You Are Not Alone) and an activity that you register for in the student portal

* Pertinent Dates:

  • Open Registration Period:                                                12/6/21 – 12/31/21
  • Last day to register for the Winter 2022 quarter:            12/31/21
  • Staff Development/Registration Freeze Week:               1/3/21 – 1/7/21
  • First day of Winter 2022 quarter:                                     1/10/22
  • Class Add/Drop Period:                                                     1/10/22 – 1/21/22

More Detailed info re: ReGroup & Grow Campaign from CAA Student Registrar, Sarah Thrasher:

  • During the week of 1/3/22 – 1/7/22, CAA staff will be participating in staff development workshops so that we can grow professionally, keep up-to-date on policies and procedures, set up onsite classrooms and develop online content, and cultivate best practices – enabling us to continue offering our students the best college education we can!
  • During Staff Development/Freeze Week, staff will be focusing on professional development, team building, and administrative tasks. Keep in mind that email and voicemail responses could be delayed until the start of the Winter 2022 quarter on 1/10/21, so hang tight!
  • CAA’s student body has grown exponentially in recent quarters! To set our students and staff up for success, we are strategically carving out space in the admissions/enrollment/registration/tuition process for administrative, billing, and HR staff to work their organizational magic and work with students and families
  • To that end, Staff Development Week will also serve as a week to “freeze” registration between the open registration period and the add/drop period
  • Freeze Week will allow the various administrative, HR, and billing teams to work with students and regional centers to sort out POS confirmations, process outstanding class requests and waitlists, and reschedule staffing depending on class sizes and cancelled classes
  • During Staff Development/Freeze Week, registration will be “frozen”: the Course Request Form will be removed from student portals at the end of the open registration on 12/31/21
    • Students who requested classes by 12/31/21 will then be able to adjust their class schedules again during the add/drop period students
    • Students are encouraged to enroll for the following quarter if the 12/31/21 deadline is missed – the College of Adaptive Arts is a lifelong learning model and we will be very excited to see them in the Spring!
    • So remember to get your Course Request Form submitted by 12/31/21!
      • The month of December is dedicated to open registration period for students to make class requests through the student administration portal
      • If you submitted your Student Information Form, keep an eye out for an email with instructions for how to access and complete the Course Request Form. You’ll need to use the account activation email to first log into your portal
      • If you still need to submit your Student Information Form, check your email inbox (including spam folders) for the invite to complete the form so you can receive your account activation details
      • Check out the weekly newsletter for more details
    • The Winter 2022 Zoom Links will be made available closer to the beginning of the quarter to students who have submitted the Course Request Form by the end of the open registration period
      • The billing team is on hand to work with you to get those POS confirmations in place so you can receive the Zoom links!

Student Check-ins will now be referred to as the You Are Not Alone (YANA) Check-in: They will still held at the regular times of Tuesday at 4pm & Thursday at 10am for 30 minutes each time. This is now an activity to register for & be added to the Student Schedule:

CAA’s Marketing Team has launched a new campaign called #WhyCAA – They’d like to hear from your student one 1 sentence why CAA is important to him or her and/your family. Please email a special photo & sentence to Professor Sharon Lea,

A mother of one of the CAA hybrid in-person learners made a Directions Map for Access/VTA public transport supportShe gave permission to share with other students/families who will be planning on using public transportation. 

Weekly Tours are returning to the regular time of Fridays from 1 – 1:45pm. Still currently over Zoom – heading back in the near future to in-person tours for new prospective students. Here’s the tour link to register for Weekly Tours: CAA Weekly Tours – Campaign (

* College of Adaptive Arts is in October’s Exceptional Parent trade magazine. Please enjoy and share widely:

CAA secured the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency. Thank you to the community for believing and investing in this innovative, collegiate model for adults who historically have not had access. CAA is committed to continuing to grow this educational model until it is as widespread and accessible for education as Special Olympics is for lifelong athletic opportunities.

Here are CAA’s Bedrock Beliefs for reference and circulation. This is a living document, and we welcome your input and ideas as we continue to work together to grow this equitable, lifelong collegiate model for adults who historically have not had access.

*The missed class beginning 3rd absence $30 private pay attendance policy will be reinstated Winter Quarter 2022. CAA gets reimbursed from the Regional Centers only if students are in attendance. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to fully operational and replicate this innovative collegiate educational model for adults who historically have not had access to college education.

*CAA is so very proud to announce it has secured its 2021 Great Nonprofits badge. Thank you to everyone who has submitted your story. We have 62 stories on the portal – we’d like to get to 100 by December 31st. We’d love for you to consider sharing your testimonial here:

*Community Spotlight: Palo Alto Art Center is featuring:
The Art of Disability Culture
On View: September 11-December 11, 2021
Location: Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA  94303
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., admission is free
Accessibility InformationThe Art Center facility is ADA compliant and accessible free parking is available outside the building. The Art of Disability Culture exhibition will feature numerous accessibility components to ensure that the broadest possible audience can experience the exhibition and related programs. Audio descriptions will be available for all works of art on view and will also be accessible on the website. Braille labels and audio descriptions will also be available for deaf/blind visitors. Public programs will include American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and live captioning. Social narratives will also be provided and available online for visitors with autism. Information about our accessibility resources can be found here:

*CAA on TV! Click this link to view and share the new KTVU Fox News story about the College of Adaptive Arts featuring an incredible interview with Dr. Pam:
*KTVU Fox News Giving Day – July 6

*Please enjoy the College of Adaptive Arts PSA created by CAA film/acting students sponsored by CreaTV/Heritage Bank: If you’d like to send a thank you note to Celeste Drake, she has been a kind and phenomenal behind-the-scenes supporter of College of Adaptive Arts over the years: Celeste Drake, Senior Vice President, Heritage Bank of Commerce, 333 West El Camino Real, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

* CAA Art Card Packs for Sale: $14 for a pack of 8 cards. Created by the exquisite CAA Student artists. Email Sue and Michele Breckenridge, or call Momma Sue at 530-306-9959.
* CAA is now able to accept stock donations through Edward Jones. This incredible community support was made possible by the tremendous generosity of Paul Dines of Edward Jones. Email and the 1-page pre-completed form will be sent to you if you’d like to donate stock. Please consider writing Paul a thank you card for being a true Mountain Mover for adults who historically have not had access to higher education: Paul Dines, Edward Jones, 69 Washington St., Santa Clara, CA 95050.

* CAA welcomes input and feedback. CAA has a new online form for accepting feedback – it’s the yellow button on the website homepage just below the podcast features. Please feel free to submit all feedback, including testimonials and suggestions for new classes and workshops here.

* 2021 Quarter Dates for Reference:

Fall Quarter 2021: Monday, Oct 4 – Tuesday, Dec. 21

* Visit the West Valley Campus & take a photo in front of your new school. To date, we’ve had 2 wonderful students visit West Valley College and take a photo in front of their new school. Here’s the map of CAA’s new home in the heart of the beautiful sprawling campus and we’ll add it to our growing list of CAA West Valley College Campus photos!

* Here are the CAA Policy documents that have been updated during this time of COVID distance learning.

* College of Adaptive Arts is on Amazon Smiles. If you are going to order anything through Amazon, the College of Adaptive Arts would be deeply obliged if you could consider remembering this equitable collegiate model. Here is the smile link: – College of Adaptive Arts is listed as a 501c3 charity.


CAA would like to sincerely honor and salute repeat donor and golf George Gugales for believing in this equitable, lifelong collegiate model of education for adults who historically have not had access to higher education.

Showcasing Student Artistic Creations: 

CAA student artists have their artwork on card packs for sale at the CAA site. Each pack has 8 different images created by 8 different student artists. Please visit CAA’s ever-growing Student Showcase Gallery.


This Week at CAA

  • Monday, December 16: Last Day of the Fall Quarter
  • Saturday, December 21:  CAA Walking Team in the community, 8:30 – 9:30am, email for this week’s location
  • Sunday, December 22nd, 6-7 pm Christmas in the Park Performances by Latizmo Dance Troupes, Belly Dancers & Cultural Dance Troupes + performances by Latizmo Hip Hop Productions.