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Welcome to Summer Quarter 2022
July 5 – 8: Week 1/10 – Summer Quarter

Moving the Mountain for Eager Lifelong Learners

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* Welcome to Summer Quarter 2022! College of Adaptive Arts welcomes all new and returning adults and their families and careproviders to an equitable, lifelong collegiate experience for those who historically have not had access to college education. We are so honored you have chosen to join the CAA Lifelong Learning family!!

* Seven new community leaders have joined the CAA Superstaff this summer quarter. Please help in extending a warm CAA welcome to our newest professors and supporters who are helping to create a vibrant lifelong collegiate model of education: Terri M., Mark M., Michele M., Rachel D., Mark L., Renee P. & Jessica T. Also welcome Raelynn R. as a Summer Social Media Intern from SJSU!! 🙂

Here are the Zoom links & the CAA Summer class hybrid/in-person schedule for reference and circulation.

* We have decided to reinstate the mask mandate, social distancing, and proof of vaccination status for the summer quarter for all persons coming to the site in person. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this complex COVID19 times.

This is add/drop week for the Summer Quarter. If there are more or different classes you are interested in taking, you have until the end of the week to set your Summer Schedule. Please email Student Registrar Sarah at

We achieved our June $30k in 30 days goal! We actually secured $31,756 with 59 distinct donors. Thanks so much to everyone if you were able to pitch in at any amount. Here’s the link if you’d still like to donate: $30k in 30 Days – Campaign ( The winner of the customized song by the CAA songwriting class will be announced later today.

Here are the 2 Public Service Announcements recently made by the You Are Not Alone Student Check-in Class. A sincere thanks to Celeste Drake from Heritage Bank of Commerce for making this opportunity possible for the CAA college students:

College of Adaptive Arts PSA-

College of Adaptive Arts PSA 2-

Here is CAA’s June 2022 newsletter for reference and circulation.

* Regional Center Funding & Private Pay Tuition: Please contact your Regional Center as soon as possible to request funding so the payment process can be completed prior to Summer 2022 quarter classes starting on July 5, 2022.  If you are using the private pay tuition option, make sure to complete the payment process prior to Summer 2022 quarter classes starting on July 5, 2022.

PlusPortals Apps on the Apple & Google Playstore. There are downloadable apps called PlusPortals for Students – Rediker & PlusPortals for Parents – Rediker – to access latest & greatest CAA information via the app! 

Here is the updated CAA Policies & Pertinent Information as of June 2022 for reference – please download and print out and keep as reference.

Here is CAA’s updated Green Sheet and Updated Diploma Credit Guidelines for reference.

If your student is at the CAA site but taking a class that is exclusively online, below is the latest procedures. We would love to have your input on learning space options for your online learner as we continue to build out our hybrid in-person learning infrastructure:

Students at CAA that are attending classes designated as online must bring their own device along with headphones (with a mic).  They should connect to the guest network and join their class via their device. The observation area is a good place for them to be seated in while attending their online class from their device. If they are unable to independently connect to their class, they will need a care provider’s assistance to make that connection. The CAA site manager can provide the CAA Guest network connection information.

Save the Date: CAA’s Annual Supporter Gathering: Celebrating Inclusive Collegiate Partnerships at West Valley College, Sunday, September 18 from 2-4pm in front of CAA’s school building. More details forthcoming. We are currently seeking Corporate Sponsors and food vendors. Flyer attached for reference and circulation.

Tours are happening each Friday that school is in session, 1pm online and 2:30pm in person. Tours are led by CAA Student Ambassadors. You can register at this link. Prospective students registering for a tour now will be eligible to enroll for the Fall Quarter which begins Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

Below the latest & greatest information on the CAA Golf Team & Bowling Teams – please register if your student is interested so we have all information in one location:

Bowling Team InterestCAA Bowling Team – Campaign ( 10123 N. Wolfe Road Cupertino 95014 Bowlmor Lanes from 1:00-2:00. CAA will be on the first 2 lanes, and it will be an hour of bowling. Fee: $125 for the season.
6/4, 6/18, 7/2, 7/16, 8/6, 8/20, 9/3, 9/17, 10/1, 10/22 – Head Coach: Professor Angel Coronado –

Golf Team Interest: CAA Golf Team Interest – Campaign ( Santa Teresa Golf Club, 260 Bernal Road, San Jose 95119 – April – 23rd; May – 7th/21st; June – 4th/18th; July – 16th/30th; August – 13th/27th; September – 10th/24th’ October – 8th/22nd. Head coach: Angel Gonzeles; Asst. Coach: Roland Schmidt.

$125/Team: Online Payment Option for any/all CAA Saturday Teams: CAA Saturday Team Registration Fee – Campaign (

Updates forthcoming shortly about the resumption of CAA’s Gaming Team – also to meet twice a month on Saturdays at CAA’s site