CAA Weekly Updates: July 5 - 8

* Welcome to Summer Quarter 2022! College of Adaptive Arts welcomes all new and returning adults and their families and careproviders to an equitable, lifelong collegiate experience for those who historically...Read More

Mid-Week Updates: Zoom links & Hybrid Class Schedule 😃

Mid-Week Updates: Good Morning CAA Summer Quarter Registered Students: *Here are the Zoom links & the CAA Summer class hybrid/in-person schedule for reference and circulation. * We have decided to reinstate the mask mandate,...Read More

CAA Weekly Updates: June 27 - July 1: National SAELL Webinar Launches Wednesday 😃

 * CAA has a campaign in the month of June to raise $30k in 30 days. Running total to date: $27,127 with 38 distinct Supporters thanks in large part from a brand new School...Read More


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