Student Information

Thank you for your interest in the College of Adaptive Arts. We offer exciting programs within the arts, health and wellness. We understand that you have an amazing ability and a passion to share your talents with the world. Our college provides a safe space for creativity and expression and we believe in our student’s competence and unique abilities. We are excited to have you in our in our college!

New Student Registration Steps: Becoming CAA Cardinal College Student

Step 1: Take a Tour

Tours are giving exclusively online during the COVID times. Email Executive Director DeAnna Pursai Virtual tours are conducted throughout the week over Zoom.

Step 2: Complete the Online Registration Form

After the tour you will be sent the online Student Registration form and updated student/parent policies for reference. Please submit the form online when complete.

Step 3: Make an account set-up appointment:

The CAA Student Registrar will receive an electronic notice that the application was submitted. She will then reach out and schedule an online virtual Zoom appointment with the student and their conservator, or emergency contact to set-up an online account through the CAA website to register for classes and verify all pertinent information. The Student Registrar will teach you how to use the registration system and get your student registered into the classes of his/her choosing.

Step 4: If a Regional Center Consumer . . .

Please send Current Quarter Student Schedule to your Service Coordinator within 1 week of registration to have POS processed in a timely manner. A current quarter POS must be in place by the first week of CAA classes or within 1 week of the intake meeting. If the POS is not in place, the student will temporarily be placed on a Wait List until confirmation of POS processing (typically a screenshot) can be forwarded to the SARC support Team. Please have your service coordinator email a screenshot to: Bobbi Tafoya, & Teresa Montes de Oca,

Step 5: After receipt of attempt to connect with the Regional Center has been logged,

your student’s registration will return to Active Enrollment status.

Congratulations! You are now a CAA Cardinal College Student!

Meet the Team Here to Support Your Regional Center Registration

Process: Email or Call: 408-538-3809, Option 4.

Sarah Thrasher: Student Registrar

Bobbi Tafoya, SARC Invoicing & Attendance


College of Adaptive Arts
2021 Quarter Dates 10-Week Instructional Quarters;
Mid-Quarter Break after Week 5

Winter Quarter: Monday, Jan. 4 – Friday, March 19

Mid-Quarter Break (No CAA Classes):
Monday, Feb. 8 – Friday, Feb 12

Spring Quarter: Monday, April 5 – Friday, June 18

Mid-Quarter Break (No CAA Classes):
Monday, May 10 – 14 (NO CAA Classes)

Summer Quarter: Monday, July 5 – Friday, Sept. 17

Mid-Quarter Break (No CAA Classes):
Monday, Aug 9 – 13 (NO CAA Classes)

Fall Quarter: Monday, October 4 – Tuesday, Dec. 21

Mid-Quarter Break/Thanksgiving Break
Thurs, Nov. 18 – Friday, Nov. 26, 2021 (No CAA Classes):


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