Spotlight on Graduate Student James

James Crownover has been a student at the College since the Fall of 2009. James is a natural performer and entertainer. He is very much most in his element when he is captivating an audience. James takes his job as an entertainer and performer very seriously. It is apparent that this talent is his innate gift and ability, and he regards this role as his true job and contribution to the community.

James has a very electrifying and engaging way of saying hello to the audience. When he delivers his booming laugh, his audience invariably just melts and is putty in his hands. He has performed well over 75 times over the years, from being Elvis at Christmas in the Park to being the Master of Ceremonies in his top hat and long tailcoat. James is kind, inclusive, and always has a warm smile for all his fellow classmates. He is a true gem to the College of Adaptive Arts, the entire Mountain Movers leadership team feel so proud to be able to showcase his authentic abilities.