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College-Wide Activities

College-Wide Activities

Student Activities

Student Activities during COVID include daily check-ins twice a day over Zoom for current and prospective students, as well as a volunteer parent-run Walking Team that meets Saturday mornings at 8:30am. For more details, please email info@collegeofadaptivearts.org.

Learn to play and enjoy the sport of golf. Practices occur during non-COVID times from April – October. Practices are twice a month on Saturday mornings at Santa Teresa Golf Club, alternating between a driving range/putting green practice and a 9-hole Short Course practice. Once a year in the Fall the CAA golfers join 3somes of community members in a wildly popular Annual Golf Classic to enjoy each other’s company and camaraderie while celebrating the love of golf & showcasing abilities.
Gaming Team will resume meeting twice a month once in-person learning can safely come back. This represents a fun and safe space to come together on Saturday mornings twice a month to share the love of gaming with fellow CAA students of all abilities.
Library Lecture Series are currently held 1-2 times a month over Zoom to connect community members with various interests and backgrounds with the CAA students and their parents/careproviders. They are one-time workshops which facilitate and inspire lifelong learning in a myriad of topics, including world percussion, peace dancing, cooking, financial planning, professional banjo performing, global warming, and so many more topics. Library Lecture series typically happen outside of CAA class times and are open to both CAA students and their parents and careproviders. For more information, and/or if you know of a good referral for a potential Library Lecture presenter (can be global now in the times of COVID over Zoom) please email Director of School of Library Arts & CAA Librarian, Suzanne Williams at suzanne@collegeofadaptivearts.org.
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School of Dance

School of Dance

  • Graduate Dance Clinic
  • Ballet & Jazz
  • Classic & Contemporary Dance
  • Latizmo Hip Hop
  • Continual Community Workshops & Dance Performances

Developing a lifelong love of dance.

Classical & Contemporary Dance

  • Folk Dance and Tap
  • Classical and Contemporary Dance
  • Graduate Dance Clinic

Undergraduate courses in this department promote a lifelong love of dance through instruction in techniques of classical and contemporary styles. Students gain an understanding of ballet, contemporary, jazz and lyrical dance, adding to their repertoire of arts experience and engagement. Dancers also learn to work together as a group on-stage as they rehearse numbers for performance in the community.

Graduate level dance courses expand upon learned ballet, jazz, and choreography skills in a course of study designed to teach techniques for teaching dance to children. Selected children attend some classes as teaching subjects, and participating students become comfortable with the concept and process of teaching young children with differing abilities.

Latizmo Productions

  • Latizmo Dance
  • Latizmo Production Development and Dance Touring Company

This innovative combination of hip-hop, salsa, and other urban styles instructs undergraduate and graduate students in working together toward development of choreographed group numbers. Students are engaged by contemporary music styles and dynamic, energetic instruction as they rehearse pieces to be performed at community based events.

Video instructions for dance students. Please contact janet@collegeofadaptivearts.org for the password.

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School of TV/Film

School of TV/Film

  • On-Camera Acting
  • Music Video Production
  • Voiceover
  • Annual Short Film Festival

Developing students who can share their life experiences with the world through television production and film-making.

Film Studies

  • On-Camera Acting
  • Film Production
  • Animation and Voiceover
  • Pre/Post Production and Editing

Classes in this department cover on-camera acting, camera techniques, photography skills, television production, and animated short films. Past workshop examples include independent film-makers and Cinequest Film Festival’s “Picture the Possibilities” emerging filmmakers program. Students work toward projects for submission to film competitions and development of CAA’s annual “Celebrate Abilities!” international film festival.

Television Studies

  • Introduction to Television Production
  • Community Video Production
  • Graduate Production Workshop: “CAA-TV!” at CreaTV Studios

Classes and workshops teach basic skills including script development, show breakdowns, interview skills, booth production, lighting, green screen techniques, acting for television, and video editing.

Graduate Television Production students work with a guest instructor to develop and shoot episodes of CAA’s original, award-winning television show titled “CAA-TV!” Graduate Production Crew members attend shoot dates at CreaTV Studios in Downtown San Jose and all show development sessions.

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School of Art

School of Art

  • Clay Animation
  • Fused Glass
  • Graduate Fine Arts
  • Mixed Media
  • Fine Art Techniques
  • 3-D Techniques
  • Connections with local art galleries & museums

Creating with our minds, hands, and hearts.

Fine Arts

  • Traditional Art Techniques
  • Fine Arts Exploratory Lab

Traditional Art Techniques covers watercolor, print-making, sketching, and other artistic media. Students contribute work toward our ongoing portfolio of student art. Students experience work in multiple styles. They are able to select one of their pieces at the end of class for commercial production as they learn the process of transforming works into items such as mugs, prints, and t-shirts through use of an online site. Graduate students also prepare work for showcasing at conferences and exhibits in museums and galleries, including past exhibits at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum.

Tactile Arts

  • Collage Art Technique
  • Ceramics
  • Clay Animation

Collage artwork is made from an assemblage of different materials, thus creating a whole new image. Students explore and learn how to combine poetry, paint, pastels, paper and paste to create new art. Visual creativity and written expression are encouraged. Ceramics courses offer students the opportunity to connect to art through a hands-on, sensory experience as they watch their creative ideas literally take shape. Students enjoy learning to share their artistic work and visions with others through representation at collaborative art fairs and exhibits. Clay animation projects are shared in CAA’s TV productions and film festivals.

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School of Music

School of Music

  • Vocal Studies
  • Voiceover Work
  • Songwriting
  • Digital Music Production
  • Adaptive Guitar
  • Analyzing the Music of Disney

Teaching students to find their own rhythm, voice, and styles of emotional expression through music.

Vocal Arts

  • Vocal Studies

Emphasis on vocal training includes techniques in such areas as breathing, projection, articulation, posture, pitch recognition, note reading, and blending with an ensemble as part of CAA’s Concert Choir.

Instrumental Arts

  • Instrumental Studies
  • Music Recording and Production
  • Instrumental Studies and Songwriting

Coursework includes guitar, percussion and other rotating musical instruments, as well as basics of music writing and music recording. Students of all levels are welcome, from beginners to those with previous experience in music study. The only pre-requisite is a love of music.

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School of Theatre

School of Theatre

  • Graduate Theatre Troupe
  • Professional Audition Annual Workshops
  • Connections with local professional theatre troupes
  • Stage Acting

Building knowledge through creativity, imagination, and compassionate connections to the human experience.

Theatre Performance

  • Theatre Performance
  • Theatre Technical Skills
  • Costume and Makeup Design

Styles of performance studied include units on improvisation and rehearsal with an emphasis on musical theatre, comedy, monologues, scene work, and audition skills. In addition to development of ongoing theatre pieces for touring performance, students enjoy outside professional workshops and an annual collaborative musical production.

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School of Health and Wellness

School of Health and Wellness

  • Mindfulness & Whole Body Wellness
  • Golf Team
  • Cheer Pep Squad
  • Pound Fitness
  • Bowling Team (forthcoming)
  • Walking Team
  • Annual Community Golf Classic with CAA Student Golfers

Providing instruction in the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity and personal health.

Health and Wellness

  • Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading
  • Cardinal Golf
  • Fitness Training

The Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading team promotes school spirit and community connection through participation and performance at games, parades, and other community events.

The Cardinal Golf team practices every two weeks at Santa Teresa Golf Course, rotating between lessons in chipping putting, driving, and other skills.

Cheer and golf team members enjoy community tournaments and other platforms where they showcase their abilities.

Students can build their fitness and whole-person health through outside elective credits and onsite workshops.

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School of Communications

School of Communications

  • Poetry
  • Language Arts
  • Reading Partners
  • Graduate Writing
  • Sign Language
  • Spanish & Cultural Studies

Teaching students to communicate confidently, comfortably, and creatively.

Written Communications

  • Poetry
  • Writing Lab

Undergraduate and graduate writing courses unlock a voice that is sometimes quieted. Through poetry, fiction, or biographical work, writing helps students unlock their voices and realize that individuals of all abilities can be writers. Cumulative work includes collaborative use of writing as inspiration, such as written projects developed as inspiration for choreography by students in our School of Dance.

Oral Communications

  • Speaking with Confidence

Undergraduate and graduate students will learn that improving their body language and vocal variety leads to increased selfesteem. Students will also learn how to become active listeners. In turn, active listening allows students give constructive criticism to their peers. This class welcomes all students and helps train our future public speakers.

Language Studies

  • Reading Partners
  • Sign Language
  • Foreign Language Studies

Reading Partners connects students who read and students who need additional help in reading. Students receive a CAA library and ID card and learn to navigate CAA’s physical and online library system. This class encourages reading and provides a safe place for students of all levels to develop and expand their love of reading. Classes in sign language and foreign language studies encourage students’ excitement toward learning new ways to communicate with others in their community.

Leadership Studies

  • Student Leadership Council
  • Booster Club

Students and families interested in participating in either of these groups receive information on meetings and events occurring throughout the quarter, planning activities to unify the student body, increase school spirit, contribute insight for the student and family perspective, and organize events for social and fundraising purposes.

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School of Science and Technology

School of Science and Technology

  • Computer Skills
  • Gaming Team (forthcoming)
  • Robotics/Physics Workshops
  • Digital Animation
  • ViseoDesk & Scannex Equipment: Open to Students, Parents, CareProviders & the community at large

Developing excitement toward lifelong investigation of natural science, daily use of technology, and ongoing development of mathematic skills.


  • Physics
  • Robotics
  • Earth Sciences

Classes include unit studies in these areas through group learning and projects. Connections to new concepts are encouraged by the introduction of visual and hands-on experiences. In-class studies and outside workshops provide practical applications of skills learned. Examples have included experiences such as building of solar robots, use of beam robots, experimental learning of Newton’s laws, and investigation of the natural world.


  • Computation Basics
  • Daily Use of Skills
  • Cross-Curricular Concept Learning

Math is all around us. These classes build understanding of the need for lifelong development of math skills and enthusiasm for ongoing study. Students at all levels and paces of mathematic development benefit from varied instructional approaches and options for presentation of skills learned. Focus on use of concepts in other areas of study builds student School of Science & Technology understanding of connections to areas of personal interest and strength.


  • Computer Studies
  • Social Media Use and Safety
  • Daily and Professional Applications

Technology is at the heart of our community and our modern world. Students build their level of comfort with and understanding of its use through discovery of points of connection with technology in and outside of class. Some areas studied include use of and safety within social media platforms, hands-on applications of computers and other digital technology, and potential applications of learned skills within daily and professional life.

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School of Library Arts

School of Library Arts

  • Graduate Research Study
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Library Lecture Series: Guest Workshop Presenters

Using technology and research to connect artists and students with the world.

The Library and Media Resource Center at the College of Adaptive Arts is a place for information and inspiration. Students can gather to study, collaborate on projects, and socialize. Parents and caregivers can meet to support each other or enjoy a magazine or good book while their students are engaged in the classroom. Professors can find materials to use in the classroom or as part of a homework assignment.

The Library’s mission is in part to support the students, professors, and parents as the students pursue their education.To achieve this:

  • The Library’s collection contains both physical and electronic materials and is developed in collaboration with the professors.
  • Assistive technologies, such as a portable, desktop magnifier and a mobile, flexible catalog stand, and modifying the shelf height ensure that the library is accessible to all.
  • Literacy is promoted through creative programs such as Reading Partners, a volunteer activity where readers share their skill with nonreaders.
  • Library-sponsored workshops and author series based around students’ interests provide a collaborative environment where students can interact with the community.

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School of Business

School of Business

Learning business and entrepreneurial skills to become savvy in the workforce.

CAA has launched its 10th School of Instruction in its 10th year of existence: The School of Business. Currently the first course offering is Business 101 – learning market research and basic business concepts. CAA is also partnering with Project Runway to give students leadership opportunities in learning to market and promote their own style of adaptive clothing. Future business course offerings include learning interviewing skills, resume writing, marketing and design, and micro-enterprising.

College of Adaptive Arts has also secured a grant through the San Andreas Regional Center to hire CAA students to be Student Interns, being able to be paid through the grant for one year. Currently CAA has 3 students participating in this program, working on skills of being a CAA ambassador, tour guide, and teaching/classroom assistants. It is the vision of CAA to continue to build capacity of its students to ultimately be hired on to contribute to this ever-growing equitable collegiate model of lifelong education for all.


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