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School of Health and Wellness

School of Health and Wellness

Providing instruction in the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity and personal health.

Department of Team Athletics

  • Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading
  • Cardinal Golf
  • Cardinal Soccer
  • Fitness Training

The Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading team promotes school spirit and community connection through participation and performance at games, parades, and other community events.

The Cardinal Golf team practices every two weeks at Santa Teresa Golf Course, rotating between lessons in chipping putting, driving, and other skills.

Cardinal Soccer team members practice in-season and enjoy scrimmages with other teams in the area, participating as team members and even as assistant coaches to younger players.

Fitness training is also offered inseason and has included a rotating group of sports experiences including ultimate Frisbee, broom ball hockey, and badminton.

Department of Health and Wellness

  • Collaborative Activities for Physical Education (CAPE):
  • CAA & Special Olympics “S.O. College”
  • CAA & AnT Swim School

The College of Adaptive Arts & Special Olympics “S.O. College” will offer a pilot program for graduate students with a PE emphasis or other students meeting course pre-requisites. The course includes teaching team sports skills to children with special needs through the Special Olympics Youth Athletic Program for 45 minutes, and play sports with typical college students for the second 45-minute time block.

The College of Adaptive Arts and AnT Swim School are collaborating to bring a pilot program for swimming to students of all ability levels, in a heated and wheelchair accessible outdoor pool.

Video instructions for dance students. Please contact janet@collegeofadaptivearts.org for the password.


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