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School of Communications

School of Communications

Teaching students to communicate confidently, comfortably, and creatively.

Department of Written Communications

  • Poetry
  • Writing Lab

Undergraduate and graduate writing courses unlock a voice that is sometimes quieted. Whether through poetry, fiction, or biographical work, writing helps each student unlock their voice and help them realize that individuals of all abilities can be writers. Cumulative work includes collaborative use of writing as inspiration, such as written projects developed as inspiration for choreography by students in our CAA School of Dance Arts.

Department of Oral Communications

  • Speaking with Confidence

In Speaking with Confidence, undergraduate and graduate students will learn that improving their body language and vocal variety leads to increased self-esteem. Students will also learn how to become active listeners. In turn, active listening allows students give constructive criticism to their peers. This class welcomes all students and helps train our future public speakers.

Department Of Language Studies

  • Reading Partners

Reading Partners connects students who read and students who need additional help in reading. Students receive a CAA library and ID card and learn to navigate CAA’s new physical and online library system. This class encourages reading and provides a safe place for students of all levels to develop and expand their love of reading.

Department Of Leadership Studies

  • Student Leadership Council
  • Booster Club

Students and families interested in participating in either of these groups receive information on related meetings and events occurring throughout the quarter, planning activities to unify the student body, increase school spirit, contribute insight for the student and family perspective, and organize events for social and fundraising purposes.

Video instructions for dance students. Please contact janet@collegeofadaptivearts.org for the password.


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