Learning Is Not A One-Way Street by Professor Sharon Lea

As a teacher I learn from my adult students every day, actively listening to their intelligent minds, brave hearts and compassionate ways.  I take the time, because I whole-heartedly believe in them.

By doing so, I learn from these men and women in meaningful ways, becoming a better teacher and human being.  I ask their opinions, ideas and learn from the powerful words that they share with me.  I do not preach to them about a topic– we learn together in this life-long learning model.

Learning should never be a one-way street between teacher and student.  At CAA our students have important words to express and thoughts about how to make the world a better place.  Just like any other adult, they have their likes and dislikes, opinions and ideas about the world.

Historically society has not wanted to hear these thoughts and ideas from these adults.  That is changing and has been since 2009 when College of Adaptive Arts was founded. I am so proud to be a CAA teacher, where I go home every day knowing this population is finally being heard!

CAA does not want these students to be watching and listening to conversations, just sitting on the sidelines of life.  We want them to be an active part in daily conversations and make an impact on the communities in which they live.

The ARTS model creates a safe and caring environment for our students to express themselves.  A is for Attitude, a positive attitude.  R is for Respect.  T is for Trust.  S is for support.  This inspiring educational model works and I see it every single day in my students.

Just as on any college campus, CAA cardinals have strong voices and deserve a platform to share who they are and their hopes for their own lives. Now located on West Valley College campus in Saratoga, California, these cardinal voices are lifted up by others who believe in the CAA mission.

As a teacher I learn from my students every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!