Mid-Week Updates: Classes Seeking More Students

College of Adaptive Arts
Mid-Week Updates:
Classes Seeking More Students
July 9 – 14: Week 1/9, Summer Quarter
We are Different. We are Able.


Mid-Week Updates:

CAA has over 43 course offerings + a golf team and a walking team for this Summer Quarter.  Here are the classes we are seeking more students to get to an enrollment of 5 students for the class to continue after the second week.  We’re sending it out tonight so that you can have family discussions to see if these classes might fit into your student’s schedule:

Student Leadership: Mondays from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm.

Poetry: Tuesdays from 1:30 pm-2:30 pm.

Sports Stats: Wednesday’s from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm.

Grad Book Club: Thursday’s from 10:30 am-11:30 am.

Reading Partners 2: Fridays from 10:30 am-11:30 am.

Post Graduate Research:  Fridays from 10:30 am-11:30 am.

Songwriting: Fridays from 10:30 am-11:30 am.

For specific information on each class and/or to register, please email CAA Student Registrar Katie Zeisl, katie@collegeofadaptivearts.org – thank you for considering! 🙂
* Summer Quarter began Monday, July 9.  On behalf of the entire College of Adaptive Arts Mountain Movers Leadership Team, we’d like to extend the *Warmest Welcome* to both the new students as well as the returning students and families. 
CAA represents an innovative and lifelong equitable model of collegiate education which historically has not be accessible to adults with special needs.  Welcome and get ready to Learn, Create, Make new Friends, and Become Successful Contributing Citizens through an adaptive, articulated curriculum of classes.

* Open Registration for new students & the add/drop window is happening for the next two weeks, through Friday, July 20. 

* All SARC POSs must be submitted prior to the start of each quarter to receive approval.  Please reach out and confirm submission with your Service Coordinator over Intra-Quarter Break.

* Monday, July 23:  CAA Board Chair & Professional Photographer Adrien LeBiavant, is hosting a Photography Workshop from 1 – 2:30pm in 2 weeks.  Sign up through FaceBook or email Katie@collegeofadaptivearts.org to secure a spot.  Cost is $10/attendee.

* It is with great pleasure that the CAA Mountain Movers Leadership Team presents the 2017-2018 Annual Report.  CAA has grown 12-fold since inception in 2009.  The ultimate vision is to expand this educational model nationwide to be as widespread and robust in the education space that Special Olympics is in the athletic space.

* The San Jose Airport Commission is asking for the members of the special needs community to review and give input on the Emergency Evacuation Plan in accomodating and supporting patrons with special needs.

* College of Adaptive Arts received a Local Arts Grant grant from SV Creates this past month.  CAA would like to sincerely thank SV Creates and the County of Santa Clara for their support of this innovative and expanding educational and arts model giving access to adults with special needs the opportunity to grow their abilities and skills in the arts.  If you’d like to send a personal note of thanks, please address a thank you to: Connie Martinez, Alexandra Urbanowski & Alyssa Erickson, SV Creates Leadership Team, 38 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose, 95113.

* CAA Thank You Breakfast: Friday, July 27:  The Mountain Movers Leadership Board Team are hosting a Thank You Breakfast to salute CAA Parents, CareProviders, Superstaff & Volunteers for their steadfast dedication and support to growing this equitable collegiate model since inception in 2009.  We would be honored and delighted to have your attendance to be honored for your support and service.  Here’s the link to register: https://donate.collegeofadaptivearts.org/event/caa-thank-you-breakfast/e190797

* Here are the Steps for Becoming a New Student CAA Cardinal.  Email Katie Zeisl, Student Registrar, katie@collegeofadaptivearts.org, to schedule a tour and get registered in the next 2 weeks if you are hoping to begin this Summer Quarter.

* Here are the minutes from the Quarterly Parent Advisory Council Meeting which happened during Networking Lounge Night on Friday, June 8.  We thank each and every person for helping to grow this collegiate model – we are now a bit more than a quarter of the way to becoming financially sustainable and replicable, and we need all hands/hearts/minds in to bring this model to full fruition and potential.

* Updates on Monday’s Community Touring Ensembles Rehearsal & Outreach: 10:30 – 11:30:  For all performers who regularly go out in the community, we would like you to register your student. [This will not be the actual meeting time – it’s just an anchor slot to get all touring students registered who regularly perform in the community.] If you are already at capacity with SARC, we can offer a scholarship.  The intent is to try to guide our regular performance times to Mondays mornings while at the same time bringing in income to pay staff for community performance times.  Please feel free to talk through the specifics with Pam or De with any questions.

* Here is the Student Registration Packet & Updated Policies & Release Waivers.  Please make sure you have read and signed all policies for your student to begin class.

* Here are the entire  2018 Quarter Dates & New Student Registration Procedures for your reference & information to send to your Regional Center Service Coordinator.  

* CAA Updated CAA Important Information Sheet:  Please look for a neon orange hard copy in the hallway flyer pocket. 

     CAA Absence Report Line:  408-538-3809

     Regional Center Vendor Code:  ZS0975

     Weekly Updates:  An email comes out each Monday morning with the latest information happening that week at the college.  It is transferred to the Latest News section on the website by Monday evening.  Email info@collegeofadaptivearts.org or Subscribe in the top right hand corner of CAA’s web page.

    In Case of Emergency Out-of-Town Contacts (if Bay Area Communication is out):
      CeCe Carlson (Pam’s mom in AZ):  408-892-2540 – cell
Bev Prosser (Danie’s mom in San Diego): 408-483-5604
Jill Ellenberger (DeAnna’s Mom in Indiana): 260-273-2480

   Bathroom Request:  If it all possible you can use the non-accessible stalls if you don’t have particular needs, that would be dearly appreciated.  CAA staff is taking on making sure the stalls are stocked with toilet paper throughout the day.

2018 Quarter Dates for Reference:  
Summer Quarter:  July 9 – September 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: Aug 13 – 17, 2018

Fall Quarter:October 1 – December 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: October 29 – Nov 2;
Thanksgiving Break Week [NO CLASSES]:  Nov. 19 – 12, 2018

* Donated appreciated of items always used around the site: Costco Baby Wipes, Clorox Wipes, dixie cups 5oz, Dry Erase Markers, post-it notes, pencils, ballpoint pens, band-aid, tissues, paper folders, Keurig cups, coffee cups.

* Sign up for a Weekly Tour:  [NEW UPDATE] We’d like for all new prospective students/families to register at least one week in advance so that the CAA Student Registrar can reach out and best prepare families for what they will see on the tour.  No group tours available during CAA classtimes – the space is just too limited. Tours happen each Friday from 1-2pm when classes are in session:

* CAA Walking Team may be exploring different places to walk.  Text or call Walking Team lead Jasmina Naleid for details each week where they will be walking:  jas-mina@comcast.net; 408-930-7609.
Looking Ahead on the CAA Calendar:

  • Monday, July 9:  First Day of Summer Quarter
  • Monday, July 23:  Photography Workshop by CAA Board Chair & Professional Photography Adrien LeBiavant, 1 – 2:30pm, CAA Site.
  • Friday, July 27:  Parent/Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Breakfast at the Site hosted by CAA Mountain Mover board members, 8:30 – 10am.
  • Friday, Aug 3: Networking Lounge Night, 7:15 – 9pm:  Line dance lessons for students + SSI avoiding mistakes for parent ed speaker + Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • Thursday, September 20:  CAA 7th Annual Golf Classic, Santa Teresa Golf Club, 2 – 7:30pm
  • Friday, Oct 26, Networking Lounge Night, 7:15 – 9pm – YouTube video favorites chosen by students + Brainstorming Caregiver Tips & Tricks for parent ed + Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • Sunday, November 4:  10th Annual Celebrating Abilities Short Film Fest, 2-5pm, 3Below Theatre in downtown San Jose
  • Friday, November 16:  CAA Family Thanksgiving Feast, 7:15 – 9pm, CAA site.

Golf Practice Dates for the Season:

  • Saturday, July 28:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, August 4:  10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, August 25:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, September 1: 10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, September 15:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Thursday, September 20:  7th Annual CAA Golf Classic, 2 – 7:30pm, STGC
  • Saturday, October 6:  End-of-Season Golf Team Party, Amato Pizza, 11:30am – 1pm


CAA would like to sincerely honor and salute CAA’s longest standing monthly recurring donor (4 years and counting) Dottie Newick for her generous and ongoing donation to this equitable and lifelong collegiate model of education for adults who’ve historically not had access to college education.


#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

The CAA Professors talked at length at last Saturday’s Superstaff meeting about the concept of #SmallWins and how small wins can collectively help create a movement bigger than the individual acts.  The professors simply glowed when they talked about their students’ growth and steadfast small wins over the years.<3 #CollegeofAdaptiveArts

Showcasing Student Artistic Creations:

Each week we are going to begin showcasing an artistic creation from the College of Adaptive Arts students, be it a poem, song, film, clay animation movie, or piece of fine art.

This first piece is called Garden Masquerade Party, which is a culmination from the 3-D Art Class from this past Spring Quarter.








This Week at CAA

  • Friday, July 13: Weekly Tour, 1-2pm:  New/Prospective Students are requested to register at least one week prior to the tour; no group tours during this hour – email info@collegeofadaptivearts.org for alternative times.
  • Saturday, July 14:  CAA Walking Team, 8:30 – 9:30, email jas-mina@comcast.net for details on the location 🙂
2018 Full Calendar to Date