Corporate sponsorships make college education possible for students with special needs

  • $50 – Underwrites a Library Lecture Series workshop
  • $100 – Classroom materials to cover one class for a quarter
  • $245 – Tuition to cover one class for a quarter, for one student
  • $490 – Tuition for two classes for one student, or two students to each take one class, for a quarter
  • $750 – Supports upgrade of tech equipment and costumes for community performances
  • $1,000 – Sponsors a student to attend one class for a year, or four students to attend one class for a quarter
  • $15,000 – Underwrites a school. Current needs: Schools of Art, Dance, Music, Communications, Science & Technology. Marketing and name recognition opportunities!

DeAnna Pursai

Legacy and stock giving options available

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