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CAA is seeking a new home on a Bay Area Campus.

Operating as an independent charter school on a campus of higher education would provide stability allowing us to continue to grow and scale, and significant benefits to the host campus students as well.

  • We are seeking approx. 4,000 sq.ft. for a learning space
  • We will enroll our own students, pay our own staff and insurance, and maintain strict behavioral standards on campus for students, parents, and care providers.
  • This would provide a living learning lab on the host campus, with benefits for studies in psychology, education, neurology, motivational theory, autism research, and geriatrics.
  • CAA on your campus would create an opportunity for typical students to interact with students with disabilities, providing lifelong benefits for all.
  • Our model has proven its strength and is growing steadily. Operating independently since 2009, we have grown from 12 students to 90, and have a proven track record as mindful, responsible, and astute community partners.

CAA in a nutshell:

CAA provides an equitable collegiate experience to adults with special needs, who historically have not had access to college education. This is a lifelong collegiate model of education, empowering adults with special needs to become successful contributing citizens.

9 Schools of instruction

Using a copyrighted curriculum, CAA offers 35+ courses a week in 9 Schools of Instruction: Art, Communications, Dance, Health & Wellness, Library Arts, Music, Science & Technology, Theatre, TV & Film. Our 9 touring troupes perform throughout the community, at businesses, schools, and events.

Employment & leadership

CAA strives to hire persons with non-traditional workplace and complex backgrounds, such as foster youth, community college students, and adults with differing abilities. Approximately half of our staff have disabilities.

“As a neighboring agency down the hall, it is such a pleasure to be greeted by CAA students’ smiling faces on my way to the office each day. It warms my heart to see these young men and women acquiring new skills and enjoying their education. I have had the privilege of speaking with some of the students regarding their classes and the focus and determination that they share is inspiring. It is of no surprise to see that CAA has consistently grown throughout the years and I look forward to watching it further expand on a large and inclusive campus.”

— Dolores Alvarado, MSW, MPH
Chief Executive Officer
Community Health Partnership

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