Ask for Help Once in a While

When my daughter came into our lives, we were overjoyed. She was perfect!

Slowly, we realized she was lagging in the development milestones.

So our (2nd) pediatrian showed us the ‘obvious’ signs of her development delays.

We needed help for her – but we weren’t sure what to ask for, or even who to ask.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself sitting in the entryway or in the Library at CAA surrounding by experts with personal experience, and I still don’t know how ask for help.

Well, today my personal shyness ends!

I’m going to start asking Parents, Caregivers and Students for their advice. I know people are willing to tell their stories when they see the listener is really interested in their experience.

CAA is the perfect setting to share tips, advice and resources. While my daughter is learning new skills, I hope you will help me learn from your experience. When I approach you for advice, please share your knowledge with me.

Mary Pizzo
San Jose, CA 95125
408/425-6455 (mobile)