Suzanne Williams

Head Librarian

Suzanne Williams joined the College of Adaptive Arts in 2013 as CAA’s Librarian. In addition to developing the Library’s collection with material for students, faculty, and family/caregivers, she created the Library Lecture Series, a program where practicing artists of all disciplines are invited to meet with CAA students and share their work. In 2019, she launched the LaRue Foster Makerspace, a place where students can discover and experience the world through creative projects.

Suzanne expanded her librarian role by creating and leading a book club class, where she shares her passion for reading with students who want to develop their critical reading skills. She is also the director of the School of Library Arts, where students can take a deeper dive into their school of study by learning and applying research skills. Other courses in the School of Library Arts include visualizing information, critical thinking, and research for journalism.