Lineth Jezek

Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training – Certified CCT© Educator

Lineth is honored to be CAA’s Professor of ‘Mindfulness and Compassion’ in the School of Health and Wellness. Lineth loves facilitating her ‘Mindfulness and Compassion’ class, meeting and interacting with CAA students.

Lineth is authorized through Stanford University’s Center for Compassion And Altruism Research And Education (CCARE) and the Compassion Institute to teach Compassion Cultivation Training – CCT. Born and raised in Costa Rica, she relocated to the United States in 2008 to continue working in global business. Lineth holds an MBA from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

Currently, she is the founder and president of Genuine Compassion, a company dedicated to providing Compassion Education and Mindfulness programs. She is honored to work with communities in the U.S. and Costa Rica, bringing the benefits of compassion to adults and teens teaching in both English and Spanish. Lineth has experience working with individuals with PTSD, chronic pain, special needs, victims of domestic violence, and those suffering of anxiety and sleeping problems. Her background includes training in meditation, nonviolent communication, and emotional wellbeing.  She is honored to facilitate compassion education in organizations in the United States and Costa Rica, facilitating training in English and Spanish.

When not teaching at CAA, you can find Lineth facilitating compassion training in other community organizations, supporting class participants develop genuine compassion, emotional awareness, and a deeper sense of happiness as a sustainable source of wellbeing. Learning, studying, and practicing compassion has enriched her life in so many positive ways. Planting the seed of compassion in her own life has helped her to rejoice in the beauty of our humanity, find strength of spirit and live with more joy. She keeps that experience and purpose at the core of her teaching. She wants others to learn how compassion cultivation can support them in their everyday personal and professional lives.