Laura Shields

Laura is new to CAA but loves how it serves our underserved community of AMAZING people and is proud to be a part of such a giving team of professionals dedicated to bringing continuing education and never ending joy to their students through arts, education, mentoring, and confidence building.

Laura is a wife to an amazing husband, mother of 4 terrific kids and a grandmother to 1 precious darling. Children have always been a big part of her life.  She enjoys Cooking, Baking, Party Planning and Genealogy.

Professionally, she has a strong Administrative background. This can make her process and policy driven, but fair and ethical.  Like Bobbie, Laura can populate a wicked spreadsheet.

She hopes her new role as Bursar (Financial Administrator) is friendly and solution driven. “Please, don’t avoid me… I really want to see all of our students successfully participating in  CAA classes. Together, we’ll make it happen!”