I’m a Lucky Guy by Bruce Tirado, Father of CAA Student Ariel Tirado

I’m a lucky guy, lovely wife ✔, good son ✔, & sweet daughter ✔, let me share some of my lucky story with you, regarding the youngest in my family.  Ariel joined our family nearly 21 yrs ago, and was a pretty cool, calm & well collected little gal upon arrival.  Maria & I, were not so calm, but eventually we all settled in.  I never expected my daughter to be such a force, to have so much life, laughter & joy, she makes me laugh every day, and smile, and wonder, and generally feel quite cheerful, whenever I am in her orbit.  Ariel knows how to have fun, I don’t think there is room for a word such as “mundane”, in her vocabulary.  Just walking along, seemed to be a party, with this young lady (photographic evidence follows).

In addition to being a proud member of the CAA student body, Ariel is a “Make-A-Wish” gal.  Yup she took her entire family to Disneyland …. Ooops, I mean DisneyWorld, (her “Wish”) & so it was her treat, she flew our entire family out to Florida, put us up at a resort, had her own spending cash, and a fun time was had by all, for a solid week.  So not only did Ariel fight off cancer (A Complete Success), she took, her entire family, out on vacation along the way.  I love my Ariel, she is a kind gentle young lady, and her CAA community means the world to her, our entire family, appreciates the CAA community very much.  I sometimes say to Ariel I am her friend, and she says…. Nope,,,, I’m her father,,, I think I want to also be part of her community of friends, as her friends mean so very much to her.  CAA, means allot to Ariel, and Maria & I.   I’m so glad Maria met DeAnna & Pam those many years ago, we have enjoyed seeing Ariel blossom, with her community of friends, seeing the students, explore all their talents.   Ariel truly enjoys performance arts, and CAA has been a great experience…. Congratulations to the CAA Community, it’s been quite an excellent ride, 10yrs of Excellence, I/we are looking forward to the next 10.


Ariel’s Dad  (One of my very best titles)