“Thanks Pam & De” by Janet Heathcote, Director, CAA School of Dance

It is December, which means I am fully immersed in the joyful chaos of Nutcracker Season. Long rehearsals, so many emails, sore muscles, costume mishaps, more emails, anxious phone calls, changing schedules, excited dancers, proud families, lots of performances and grateful audiences.

Thank goodness for an understanding husband that enjoys Christmas shopping, cooking and keeps smiling when I tell him CAA has a performance on Christmas Eve😉

It is a joyful time to reflect on all the CAA Audiences that have been profoundly affected by the beauty each dancer brings to a dance piece. Dance lovers inherently understand that beauty is in the movement at that precise moment in time—-raw, fleeting, unique, chaotic and joyful. They get to experience that explosion of emotions with all of our CAA Dance Troupes. It is a unique Bay Area experience brought to audiences through College of Adaptive Arts and Pam & De.

Thanks to CAA, audiences around the Bay Area have had an opportunity to experience performances by those with Differing Abilities for these past ten years. Those

initial introductions to what a Differently Abled Dancer/Performer can bring to a Performance has turned to a clamoring for MORE. More opportunities to perform, more acceptance and more desire to see the CAA model replicated in their areas beyond the Bay Area. Thanks Pam & De.

Thanks to Pam & De and their Vision of what a College Experience could be like, I have a very happy son attending stimulating classes. He is a poet, an artist and Latizmo Dancer. He has worked on CAA’s Award Winning Show and written songs in class. When he was born 29 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined such a perfect school for him.

Thanks to Pam & De and their Vision of having a workplace filled with staff with Differing Abilities, I have a son with a job he loves.

Thanks to Pam & De and their Vision of what the Arts could look like, I get to teach & dance with the most open, loving, talented dancers in the Bay Area. CAA embraced my homeschooling little Red and made her a Jr. Cardinal. She has blossomed in such a great part due to being surrounded by her tribe- the Differently Abled Artsy Crowd at CAA….Best crowd to hang with, EVER!

Thank you for giving me a front row seat to “Ten” wonderful years of watching CAA change hearts and minds in the Bay Area and beyond. Thank you for blessing my family with your Vision and for giving all our performers a stage to shine on.

Now back to answering emails and booking Dance Performances for 2019!