How Reading and Writing Classes Impact our CAA College Students by School of Communications Director, Danielle Weaver

Reading and Writing classes at CAA are always some of the most engaging, thought-provoking and popular classes at CAA. Currently, CAA offers 2 classes that focus on reading, 2 grad classes and finally 1 class that focuses on reading and writing.  They are very popular and well attended.

As I was thinking of the Theme for our Communications Showcase in February this word struck me. Metamorphosis.  Which is often what I see when our students attend communication classes.  Especially in reading and writing.

The definition of metamorphosis is as followed: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

Imagine the first day of class an student who maybe like books or reading but is shy and doesn’t want to participate in the reading aloud portion of the class, however, they sit and listen. Listen to the discussions of themes, words, characters and more importantly be present in class. They sit and listen as others read and listen as their classmates share what they think about the book or novel we are reading as a class. Then at the end of the quarter, the shy student’s hand goes up and they want to read. Turns out they can read very well but are nervous to share their voice.

This is what metamorphosis means. Giving them the opportunity to learn about themes, read books that were never considered, learn about characters and how they impact our world, allow them to read. But most importantly gives them the chance to try. To break out of their worldview and examine a new worldview.

I often hear from parents that their special individual likes books and movies. But doesn’t read. I often think to myself, have they been able to try? Reading and Writing classes allow them to try.  And often with just the chance to try. Our students succeed and come back to and take reading and writing classes over and over again.

Danielle Weaver, Director & Professor, School of Communications
College of Adaptive Arts