A Wonderful Situation

Robby Sanderson is a 42-year-old young man born with Down Syndrome.  Since Robby left the public-school system at age 22, he has struggled finding a day program that fits his needs.  He started classes almost two years ago at College of Adaptive Arts and he has never been happier.  College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) works really well for Robby for the following reasons:

  • He likes structure.  With the way CAA classes are laid out, Robby knows for the quarter what he will be doing during the classes he is taking.  When each quarter begins, the instructors explain what they will be covering during the quarter and they stick to the schedule.  Robby does not do well with change so having a schedule works really well for him.
  • He enjoys sharing his ideas about what is included in the classes. The instructors at CAA work with the students to incorporate their ideas in the schedule.  For example, the Performance Theater class instructor lets the students help write the scripts for the short plays they perform.   Robby loves when one of his ideas become part of the script.
  • He has choices. CAA has a variety of classes so Robby gets to pick the classes that interest him.  The choice of which classes he takes is up to him.
  • He loves having so many friends. CAA promotes an environment of inclusion.   Robby is not only encouraged by the instructors to just do his best but often the other students will encourage him to not give up and to just keep trying.

CAA is a great program for students with special needs.  The instructors work very hard to make sure all of the students have a good experience.  The best part is all students are treated as adults and are respected by the instructors, the administrators and other students.