Perspectives from a CAA Student

Let me tell you as a student that College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) has something for everyone.   I may not have taken every class that CAA has to offer but we are so much more than a dance floor.    There’s many classes besides Dance classes such as Poetry, Reading Partners and classes that teach you to play the guitar.

As a student CAA keeps me very busy besides my going to and from classes I was in the spring play production for CAA of Bye Bye Birdie.    Now that Bye Bye Birdie is done and over with I have to go to the cast party.

We don’t get homework from CAA but we do need to memorize and understand what we learn in our classes.   The old adage practice makes perfect is what our school is about the more you practice what we teach the further you’ll go.

However, we do not have finals so if you know someone who’s never liked finals that would like to learn to dance, sing or act, please contact the College.  Our phone number is 408-538-3809.