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Tomorrow’s SCU Art Show Map, Parking & More!
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Tomorrow, Details about SCU Art Showcase Map & Parking:

A message from the SCU leadership:  Parking is free and should be taken care of. If guests enter through the main entrance on 500 El Camino Real, they should talk to the person in the parking kiosk. Everyone should say they are a CAA student or CAA faculty coming for the art show. They should be then directed to the North Campus Garage. Getting from the garage to the show should be fairly easy! Here is the Mission Gardens Event Map; there is construction going on in that area so just be aware. If you have any questions or need any clarifications please just let me know. I am available by email or by text/phone at 406-690-1384! Have a lovely day,

Isabella Whitworth
Department Coordinator Health and Disabilities

  Students from Santa Clara University SCCAP program are holding a CAA Art Show on their campus on Thursday, May 31st from 5-6:30 pm.

BOTH the Grad Visual Art and Grad Writing classes take place on thatThursday from 4:30-5:30pm and 6:00-7:00pm.
Professor Danie and myself would like to hold our classes at the event in support of our artists and give the writing class an opportunity to write about this event. SO classes WILL NOT take place at CAA for those hours.

Cocktail Attire is requested for this fun and fancy event held in SCU’s beautiful Mission Garden under twinkly lights.
We would LOVE for the artists and their families to attend and see the beautiful art they have been creating.

Please see Attached Flyer for Reference & Circulation and look for updates in the CAA Weekly blast for updates and info.
Please RSVP to me, Nicole, so I can get a head count of who is attending for the SCCAP coordinator.
We look forward to seeing you on this exciting evening!

Nicole Ferguson
College of Adaptive Arts
Director of Visual Arts Department | Professor

Professor Danie’s Graduate Writing Class will also occur at the SCU Art Showcase this week – please report to Santa Clara University and not to the CAA site.

Updates on Monday’s Community Touring Ensembles Rehearsal & Outreach: 10:30 – 11:30:  For all performers who regularly go out in the community, we would like you to register your student.  If you are already at capacity with SARC, we can offer a scholarship.  The intent is to try to guide our regular performance times to Mondays mornings while at the same time bringing in income to pay staff for community performance times.  Please feel free to talk through the specifics with Pam or De with any questions.

Next Monday’s Spanish Class:  Will happen at Las Cazuelas Restaurant, 55 Race St. – 5 minutes from the CAA site.  – CAA can cover the cost for a late lunch for the student and a parent/care provider – please bring $ to help with the propina (tip).  Please plan to arrange for transportation to the restaurant and back to the site if they have additional classes back at CAA.* Here’s the Tech Practice Schedule for this summer’s Guys & Dolls Musical at Pioneer High School for all musical theatre cast members of Guys & Dolls.

Here is the Student Registration Packet & Updated Policies & Release Waivers.  We ask that each family complete a new Student Registration Packet & Policy Document and return ASAP to ensure CAA has all updated information for each student/family.  

Here are the entire  2018 Quarter Dates & New Student Registration Procedures for your reference & information to send to your Regional Center Service Coordinator.  

CAA Updated CAA Important Information Sheet:  Please look for a neon orange hard copy in the hallway flyer pocket. 

     CAA Absence Report Line:  408-538-3809

     Regional Center Vendor Code:  ZS0975

     Weekly Updates:  An email comes out each Monday morning with the latest information happening that week at the college.  It is transferred to the Latest News section on the website by Monday evening. if you want your email on the Weekly Updates email list.

    In Case of Emergency Out-of-Town Contacts (if Bay Area Communication is out):
      CeCe Carlson (Pam’s mom in AZ):  408-892-2540 – cell
Bev Prosser (Danie’s mom in San Diego): 408-483-5604
Jill Ellenberger (DeAnna’s Mom in Indiana): 260-273-2480

   Bathroom Request:  If it all possible you can use the non-accessible stalls if you don’t have particular needs, that would be dearly appreciated.  CAA staff is taking on making sure the stalls are stocked with toilet paper throughout the day.

2018 Quarter Dates for Reference:  
Spring Quarter:  April 2 – June 8;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: May 7 – 11, 2018

Summer Quarter:  July 9 – September 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: Aug 13 – 17, 2018

Fall Quarter:October 1 – December 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: October 29 – Nov 2;
Thanksgiving Break Week [NO CLASSES]:  Nov. 19 – 12, 2018

* Donated appreciated of items always used around the site: Clorox Wipes, dixie cups 5oz, Dry Erase Markers, post-it notes, pencils, ballpoint pens, band-aid, tissues, paper folders, Keurig cups, coffee cups.

Sign up for a Weekly Tour: They happen each Friday from 1-2pm when classes are in session:

CAA Walking Team may be exploring different places to walk.  Text or call Walking Team lead Jasmina Naleid for details each week where they will be walking:; 408-930-7609.

Looking Ahead on the CAA Calendar:
  • Friday, June 1:  10am:  Graduate Ballet Dancers to perform at Monticello Cluster, 3411 Monroe St.
  • Sunday, June 3:  CAA Latizmo & Dream Team Troupe to perform at PAL Stadium, detailed information forthcoming
  • Friday, June 8:  Networking Lounge Night Karoke Night & Parent Advisory Council/Parent Education Speaker, 7:15 – 9pm, CAA site.
  • Friday, June 9:  Last Day of Spring Quarter
  • Thursday, June 14:  7pm:  Guys & Dolls Musical Theatre Production at Pioneer High School
  • Friday, June 15:  7pm:  Guys & Dolls Musical Theatre Production, Pioneer High School
  • Monday, July 9:  First Day of Summer Quarter
  • Friday, July 27:  Parent/Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Breakfast at the Site hosted by CAA Mountain Mover board members,8am – 9am.
  • Friday, Aug 3: Networking Lounge Night, 7:15 – 9pm:  Line dance lessons for students + SSI avoiding mistakes for parent ed speaker + Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • Thursday, September 20:  CAA 7th Annual Golf Classic, Santa Teresa Golf Club, 2 – 7:30pm
  • Friday, Oct 26, Networking Lounge Night, 7:15 – 9pm – YouTube video favorites chosen by students + Brainstorming Caregiver Tips & Tricks for parent ed + Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • Sunday, November 4:  10th Annual Celebrating Abilities Short Film Fest2-5pm, 3Below Theatre in downtown San Jose
  • Friday, November 16:  CAA Family Thanksgiving Feast, 7:15 – 9pm, CAA site.

Golf Practice Dates for the Season:

  • Saturday, June 2:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, June 16:  10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, June 30:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, July 7: 10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, July 28:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, August 4:  10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, August 25:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Saturday, September 1: 10am – Noon, 9-hole short course
  • Saturday, September 15:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Thursday, September 20:  7th Annual CAA Golf Classic, 2 – 7:30pm, STGC
  • Saturday, October 6:  End-of-Season Golf Team Party, Amato Pizza, 11:30am – 1pm


CAA would like to sincerely honor and salute CAA repeat donor Joan Mack her generous and ongoing donations to this equitable and lifelong collegiate model of education for adults who’ve historically not had access to college education.

#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

A CAA parent came rushing into the office to share that another developmental milestone had been achieved with her student – there are no plateaus at College of Adaptive Arts.  <3

Latest & Greatest

  • Thursday, May 31:  Santa Clara University Art Showcase Night,Mission Gardens at SCU5 – 6:30pm, cocktail attire
  • Friday, June 1:  10am:  Graduate Ballet Dancers to perform at Monticello Cluster, 3411 Monroe St.
  • Saturday, June 2:  CAA Walking Team, 8:30 – 9:30, email for details on the location 🙂
  • Saturday, June 2:  Golf Team Practice, 10 – 12noon;  email coach Jeremiah for details:
  • Sunday, June 3:  Latizmo & Dream Team to perform at PAL Stadium, 6pm – look for detailed information on the CAA School of Dance FB page.