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College of Adaptive Arts
Feb 5 – 10, Week 5/9, Winter Quarter 2018
We are Different. We are Able.

Latest & Greatest

Fused glass workshop with Mary Feisbusch today at the CAA site from 12:30 – 2pm – free and open to the public.

This Friday, Feb. 9th the Latizmo Dream Team will be performing at the Tim Tebow Night to Shine Prom.  Any student who wants to attend the prom will have an excused absence; CAA will still be holding classes this evening.

Seeking toilet paper rolls:  One of our Art Professors, Marilynn Host, is in need of 200+ toilet paper rolls.  If you could save yours and bring them into the site, we’d be much obliged.

This week begins Week 5 of the Winter Quarter, 2018.  Classes are officially closed for the remainder of the quarter.  Mid-Quarter Break will be the week of February 12 – 16, with no classes happening.  The end of the Winter Quarter is Friday, March 16.  Past tuition is due now.

Here is the Student Registration Packet & Updated Policies & Release Waivers.  We ask that each family complete a new Student Registration Packet & Policy Document and return by Friday, Feb. 9 – the start of mid-Quarter break.  There are hard copies available at the front desk.

Here are the entire  2018 Quarter Dates & New Student Registration Procedures for your reference & information to send to your Regional Center service coordinator.  

*Tuesday, February 13th:  School of Communications VOICES 2nd Annual Showcase: from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Historic Corinthian Grand Ballroom in Downtown San Jose on the 3rd floor inside the Decathlon and Olympia Rooms: The CAA Communications Students will will  perform individual poetry pieces, spoken word pieces, speeches, and original works. This event is free to attend. Advanced registration through the CAA website appreciated. The registration link is  Flyer attached.  

CAA Gaming Team coming soon!!! The Directors of Science and Technology and TV/Film have joined forces, and are begininng a CAA Gaming Team for currently registered students and professors.  Detailed information forthcoming shortly.

New Digital Media Lab thank to the #Rotary Foundation of San Jose.  We have a new Digital Media lab for our classes in Art, Music, Communications, Library Arts, and more! The Media Lab will be ready in the near future for instruction and access to CAA families.

In Case of Emergency Neon Flyers – pick one up this week.  Please have your student pick up a neon paper with pertinent In Case of Emergency Information – please plan to place it somewhere salient and accessible, such as a refrigerator or inside kitchen cabinet. Here is a Soft Copy of Emergency Information if you’d like to download; out of area numbers who will serve as dispatch in case our local communications go down include:

  • CeCe Carlson (Pam’s mom in AZ):  408-892-2540 – cell
  • Bev Prosser (Danie’s mom in San Diego): 408-483-5604 – cell
  • Jill Ellenberger (DeAnna’s Mom in Indiana): 260-273-2480 – cell

CAA Walking Team may be exploring different places to walk.  Text or call Walking Team lead Jasmina Naleid for details each week where they will be walking:  jas-mina@comcast.net408-930-7609.


CAA would like to sincerely honor and salute repeat local Bay Area donor Stan Tomita. He is a local attorney that helped CAA at the groundfloor level, and we will forever be in his debt of gratitude.

#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

A new elderly student just began in #CollegeofAdaptiveArts and got some personalized coaching on how to word process on a computer for the first time in his life.  His response, “This is amazing!”:)

Latest & Greatest

  • Monday, Feb 5:  Fused Glass Workshop12:30 – 2pm, CAA site
  • Friday, Feb 9:  Latizmo Dream Team to Perform at Tim Tebow Night to Shine Church, Home Church, Winchester Road
  • Friday, Feb 9Weekly Tour, 1-2pm
  • Saturday, Feb 10 :  CAA Walking Team, 8:30 – 9:30am, text Jasmina for location: 408-930-7609