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May 20 – 25, Week 7/9, Spring Quarter
CAA #10YearsStrong

 Spring Quarter 2019





Latest & Greatest

Summer Schedule is Now Out: Lots of New Course Offerings!!! Registration is now open for Currently Registered Students. Open enrollment for new prospective students begins Monday, June 10.

* Today’s Library Lecture Series has been postponed due to an unforeseen circumstance by our guest speaker. We regret any inconvenience, and we will get to you the new time shortly for his lecture.

Today’s performance at Hester has also been canceled. Friday, May 24, the grad dancers & cheerleaders are to perform at Field Day at Hester – connect with Professor Janet for details on the time.

* The wonderful student volunteers of the Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) are hosting a 2nd Annual College of Adaptive Arts School of Art Showcase & Gallery at Santa Clara University on Tuesday, May 28 from 6 – 7:30 pm – parking/location details forthcoming

* Adaptive Guitar & Children’s Music Sing-Along Troupes have been invited to perform for the preschoolers at Casa di Mir Montessori School, 90 E Latimer Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, on Wednesday, May 29 from 11  – 11:40 am.

* CAA’s Latest Blog: A Riveting Parent Perspective by Annette Maldonado.

* Student Bio Sheet: Last Friday new CAA admin began passing out Student Bio Sheets. We will be creating a wall of student headshots/bios in our new space in Suite 270. Here is a soft copy of the Bio Sheet; also, the questions are below if you want to send your answers electronically to CAA parent volunteer: June Beck: to compile all Student Bios.Name:
CAA Diplomas:
Artistic Contributions:
What you would like the world to know about adults with disabilities:
Proudest CAA Moment:
Fun Fact:

* Golf Season 2019 is Here! – All Practices will be held at Santa Teresa Golf Club: Cost is $50 for golfers; do not have to be a registered CAA student to participate:

  • Saturday, June 1: 10 am-Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice

  • Saturday, June 15: 10 am-Noon, 9-hole short course

  • Saturday, June 29: 10 am-Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice

  • Saturday, July 13: 10 am-Noon, 9-hole short course

  • Saturday, July 27: 10 am-Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice

  • Saturday, August 10: 10 am-Noon, 9-hole short course

  • Saturday, August 24: 10 am-Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice

  • Saturday, September 7: 10 am-Noon, 9-hole short course

  • Saturday, September 21: 10 am-Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Thursday, September 26:  7th Annual CAA Golf Classic, 2 – 7:30 pm, Santa Teresa Golf Club

A Note From Professor Danie: As the weather gets warmer, please make sure your student drinks water to prevent dehydration.

If you are interested in donating to CAA, these are the items used most often around the site:  Dixie Cups, Dry erase markers, Wet wipes, Clorox wipes, Pencils, Pens, Dry erase markers

In 2019, CAA has now secured 52 new monthly recurring donors;48 to go by 10/10 at 10:10 pm. If you’d like to sign up to be a recurring donor and help Move the Mountain for special needs adults hungry to continue learning and becoming successful contributing citizens, you can sign up here. CAA will send you a super-fun prize in the mail to everyone who becomes a monthly recurring donor.  #CAA10YearsStrong #WeAreDifferentWeAreAble #WeAreSanJose #SuccessfulContributingCitizens #BestCollegeEver

Weekly Tours happen each Friday from 1-2 when school is in session. Please plan to schedule a Weekly Tour of the College each Friday school is in session to learn more about this lifelong, equitable collegiate model for special needs adults.

Looking Ahead on the CAA Calendar (Complete list on the Community Calendar of the CAA Website Homepage:
  • CAA Graduate Theatre Troupe Spring 2019 Show: Monday, June 3rd: City Lights Theater Company with the actors dress rehearsal from 1:00 pm-2:30 pm, the performance from 3:00 pm-3:30 pm and a reception in the City Lights Theater Company lobby from 3:30 pm-4:00 pm following the show.
  • Friday, August 9: Student Networking Lounge Night: Karaoke, + Parent Education Topic & Advisory Council Meeting, 7:15 – 9 pm
  • Thursday, October 10:  CAA 10 Year Celebration Gala, Saratoga Springs, 5 – 10:10 pm
  • Friday, November 1: Student Networking Lounge Night: Open Mic Night, + Parent Education Topic & Advisory Council Meeting, 7:15 – 9 pm

#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

One of CAA’s incredible theatre students moved away, but he’s continuing to come to his theatre class through the Beam Robot. His mother is sending costume pieces to decorate the robot for his part in his upcoming Graduate Theater Production.

Showcasing Student Artistic Creations: 
Here is a beautiful watercolor being showcased by a CAA artist. All CAA artists’work will be displayed at Santa Clara University at a gallery exhibit on Tuesday, May 28 from 6 – 7:30 pm and the student poets will be out writing poetry on the exhibit.

This Week at CAA


  • Monday, May 20 – Library Lecture Series Postponed
  • Monday, May 20: Hester Grad Dance Cancelled.
  • Friday, May 24: CAA Weekly Tour, 12 – 1 pm.
  • Friday, May 24: Graduate Dance & CAA Cheer Team to perform at Hester’s Field Day – contact Professor Janet for details.
  • Saturday, May 25: CAA Walking Team Weekly Meetup, 8:30 am – 9:30 am – email for specific weekly location