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 CAA Weekly Updates

Aug 12 – 18, Mid-Quarter Break:
Summer Quarter 2019

CAA #10YearsStrong

Latest & Greatest


* This is Mid-Quarter Break: No CAA classes happening at the site this week. Week 6 of 9 of the Summer Quarter resumes on Monday, August 19.

The 8th Annual Golf Classic is Now Open for Registration! Top Fundraising Team wins a Tour of Pixar in Emeryville! Date of the Golf Classic: Thursday, September 26, 2 pm at Santa Teresa Golf Club. Bring out a 3-some and CAA will put a student golfer as your 4th player – it’s a very joyful afternoon sharing the camaraderie of the love of golfRegister Here

** Greatnonprofits 2019 Top-Rated Honor: CAA seeks now just 6 more supporters by October 31 to secure a 2019 Top-Rated Badge. Here’s an excerpt the Review that came in over this past weekend: 

I was a desperate parent with an adult child at home unengaged without meaningful activity and as yet undiagnosed with 22Q11.2 when I stumbled onto CAA and the passionate founders of this program who welcomed my daughter with open arms, focusing on her strengths and her abilities. It was an amazing experience where they created opportunities for her to assist others while making inroads with her own creativity. Through their guidance, she was able to take the lead to create interviews with people who experienced World War II on the home front while their loved ones were away at war. The video became part of their film program and later was the given to a library. CAA helped me to see possibilities for my daughter and make connections for her . . . Please enjoy A Perspective from a Long-standing Donor, Erin Benford of the Sereno Group of Willow Glen.

* Digital Media Lab Updated Hours – Facilitated by CAA Social Media Lead & Podcasting Professor Anthony Nguyen:

Tuesdays, 3-7pm
Thursdays, 3-7pm
Fridays, 3-6pm

Additionally, the right corner computer is always on now for the community for community access and support.

* CAA received the Guidestar 2019 Seal of Transparency. Please share widely in your networks – CAA is committed to growing this innovative model one positive conversation at a time. Here is CAA’s 2018-2019 Annual Report for reference and circulation..

* In 2019, CAA has now secured 64 new monthly recurring donors; 36 to go by 10/10 at 10:10 pmIf you’d like to sign up to be a recurring donor and help Move the Mountain for special needs adults hungry to continue learning and becoming successful contributing citizens, you can sign up here. CAA will send you a super-fun prize in the mail to everyone who becomes a monthly recurring donor.  #CAA10YearsStrong #WeAreDifferentWeAreAble #WeAreSanJose #SuccessfulContributingCitizens #BestCollegeEver

* 10 Year Graphic Challenge: We invite anyone to submit a sketch, artwork, or poem of what CAA means to you.  We will be adding all creations to the 10 year 3-D large display of the number 10 that the CAA prop class will be creating with each of your artistic submissions. Send your sketch over to Professor Anthony at

* Student Bio Sheet: All 114 Students Photos are now up on the wall in Suite 270 – Now we need to attach their authentic voice through the Student Bio Sheets: Here is a soft copy of the Bio Sheet; also, the questions are below if you want to send your answers electronically to CAA parent volunteer: June Beck: to compile all Student Bios. Name:
CAA Diplomas:
Artistic Contributions:
What you would like the world to know about adults with disabilities:
Proudest CAA Moment:
Fun Fact:

* Golf Season 2019 is Here! – All Practices will be held at Santa Teresa Golf Club: Cost is $50 for golfers; do not have to be a registered CAA student to participate:

  • Saturday, August 24: 10 am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice

  • Saturday, September 7: 10am – Noon, 9-hole short course

  • Saturday, September 21:  10am – Noon, Driving Range/Putting Green Practice
  • Thursday, September 26:  7th Annual CAA Golf Classic, 2 – 7:30pm, Santa Teresa Golf Club

* A Note From Professor Danie: As the weather get’s warmer, please make sure your student drinks water to prevent dehydration. Also, please make sure all student items such as water bottles and backpacks are labeled with their names.

* Updated Donation Wish List:
Dry Erase markers low odor
Clorox wipes
Baby Wipes
Paper towels
Lined Paper
Coffee Kcups
Dixie Cups
Insulated Coffee Cups
Water bottles for Staff
Granola bars for Staff

Weekly Tours happen each Friday from 1-2 when school is in session. Please plan to schedule a Weekly Tour of the College each Friday school is in session to learn more about this lifelong, equitable collegiate model for special needs adults.
Looking Ahead on the CAA Calendar (Complete list on the Community Calendar of the CAA Website Homepage:
  • [NEW DATE/TIME FORTHCOMING]: Student Networking Lounge Night: Karaoke, + Parent Education Topic & Advisory Council Meeting, 7:15 – 9 pm
  • Thursday, September 26: CAA Golf Classic, Santa Teresa Golf Club, 2 pm tee-off, 6 pm BBQ banquet dinner
  • Thursday, October 10:  CAA 10 Year Celebration Gala, Saratoga Springs, 5 – 10:10 pm
  • [New date/time forthcoming]: Student Networking Lounge Night: Open Mic Night, + Parent Education Topic & Advisory Council Meeting



CAA students regularly introduce themselves to all guests and prospective families who attend the Weekly Tours each Friday at 1 pm when classes are in session. One student boldly walked up to the group, announced her name, and said, “I like to learn here.”


#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

This week a student came into the office visibly frustrated. Prof De asked her what is wrong, and she said, I’m quite frustrated with the careproviders at my home. I told one,”I don’t like talking with you… and then I realized that wasn’t very nice, so I said, “I don’t like talking with you… much.”

College of Adaptive Arts
Showcasing Artistic Creations:  
Here is a student showcasing her acting abilities in a latest CAA film production. 

This Week at CAA

  • Monday, Aug 12 – Friday, Aug 18: Mid-Quarter Break: NO CAA CLASSSES HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE SITE
  • Saturday, August 17: Please come out to support Professor Jay’s Latizmo Hip Hop Productions Tumbling & Hip Hop Dance Troupes, Great America, 1-2pm
  • Saturday, August 18: CAA Walking Team Weekly Meetup, 8:30am – 9:30am – email for specific weekly location