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Weekly Updates: Feb 17 – Feb 22
Week 6/10, Winter Quarter 2020 

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This past Saturday the board approved additional social media security measures. We ask that no Facebook Live happens during classes or performances at this time. Please also take extra measures to get the consent of students/their care providers before posting on social media. Please remind students they are not allowed to take photos of each other without consent. Thank you for your help and cooperation with these extra security measures at this time.

*CAA Winter Quarter 2020 is a full force now welcoming 125 students who are eager to continue their education in 526 learning opportunities each week. CAA welcomes all new and returning students and families to this lifelong collegiate community.

*New Winter Activity: CAA Gaming Team has now officially begun! For this first Winter season, we’re starting with a specific invite-only for students who have demonstrated a passion for gaming and good sportsmanship.  The team will meet twice a month – the fee for the season is $50. If you’d like your student to be considered for this team, please email Gaming Team Coaches Matt Lindsay,, Angel Gonzalez,, and Angel Coronado at

!!!Blogs Wanted!!
Are you a writer? Have a wonderful experience from CAA? Have a Student who is a poet? Song Writers? Writer? Do you want to help promote CAA on our Blog page? Want to spread awareness about CAA?

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The Regional Center Leadership has recently approved 10-Week Quarters for 2020 + a 2 times/year POS request vs. the current 4 times/year system. This means the first 2020 POS will include Winter and Spring Quarters 2020; the second POS for the year will encompass Summer & Fall Quarters.

Full 2020 Quarter Dates Below:
• Winter Quarter: Monday, Jan. 6 – Friday, March 20 – Mid-Quarter break: 2/10- 2/14
• Spring Quarter: Monday, April 6 – Friday, June 19  – Mid- Quarter break: 5/11 – 5/15
• Summer Quarter: Monday, July 6 – Friday, September 18 – Mid-quarter break: 8/10 – 8/14
• Fall Quarter: Monday, September 28 – Friday, December 18 – Mid-quarter break: 10/26 – 10/30 & Thanksgiving break: 11/23 – 11/27

Please enjoy CAA’s latest blog: Why We Give, by John O’Farrell & Gloria Principe, Longstanding School Underwriters of for the School of Theatre

Weekly Tours happen each Friday from 1-2 when school is in session. Please plan to schedule a Weekly Tour of the College each Friday school is in session to learn more about this lifelong, equitable collegiate model for special needs adults.

* Wish List of Donations to College of Adaptive Arts Always Sincerely Appreciated:Low odor, dry erase pens, ballpoint pens (either in black or blue), Paper towel, paper plates, dixie cups, kcup coffee or tea, snack bars (for staff), printer paper, Clorox wipes, jugs of water, bottled water (staff), Tissues, college ruled lined paper