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April 2 – 7, Spring Quarter 2018:  Week 1/9
We are Different. We are Able.

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* Spring Quarter 2018 Begins Today!!  On behalf of the entire College of Adaptive Arts Mountain Movers Family, we welcome new and returning families and students to this lifelong collegiate model of equitable education for adults with special needs.  

 *Thank you so very much for all of the parents and careproviders who came out on 3/17 for the Quarterly Parent Advisory Council meeting.  Here are the Meeting Minutes.

* Today at 1:30pm we will be having a Library Lecture series on advocacy within the political system.

* Here’s the updated Spring Quarter Schedule of Course Offerings.  Registration is open now to currently registered students; The next 2 weeks is the add/drop period for student registration.


Here is the Student Registration Packet & Updated Policies & Release Waivers.  We ask that each family complete a new Student Registration Packet & Policy Document and return ASAP to ensure CAA has all updated information for each student/family.  

Here are the entire  2018 Quarter Dates & New Student Registration Procedures for your reference & information to send to your Regional Center Service Coordinator.  

CAA Updated CAA Important Information Sheet:  Please look for a neon orange hard copy sheet being sent home this week if you did not recieve it last week. 

     CAA Absence Report Line:  408-538-3809

     Regional Center Vendor Code:  ZS0975

     Weekly Updates:  An email comes out each Monday morning with the latest information happening that week at the college.  It is transferred to the Latest News section on the website by Monday evening. if you want your email on the Weekly Updates email list.

    In Case of Emergency Out-of-Town Contacts (if Bay Area Communication is out):
      CeCe Carlson (Pam’s mom in AZ):  408-892-2540 – cell
Bev Prosser (Danie’s mom in San Diego): 408-483-5604
Jill Ellenberger (DeAnna’s Mom in Indiana): 260-273-2480

   Bathroom Request:  If it all possible you can use the non-accessible stalls if you don’t have particular needs, that would be dearly appreciated.  CAA staff is taking on making sure the stalls are stocked with toilet paper throughout the day.

2018 Quarter Dates for Reference:  
Spring Quarter:  April 2 – June 8;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: May 7 – 11, 2018

Summer Quarter:  July 9 – September 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: Aug 13 – 17, 2018

Fall Quarter:October 1 – December 14;
   Mid-Quarter Break [NO CLASSES]: October 29 – Nov 2;
Thanksgiving Break Week [NO CLASSES]:  Nov. 19 – 12, 2018

CAA Walking Team may be exploring different places to walk.  Text or call Walking Team lead Jasmina Naleid for details each week where they will be walking:  jas-mina@comcast.net408-930-7609.

Looking Ahead on the CAA Calendar:
Monday, May 7: CAA Giving Luncheon at Scott’s Seafood, 11:45 – 12:55pm.


CAA would like to sincerely honor and salute CAA repeat donor Judy Blair of KeepsakePix for supporting this collegiate and lifelong educational model.

#CollegeofAdaptiveArts Mission Moment: 

Here’s an email we received from new patrons to CAA who came out to the Staff Showcase Saturday evening:  That was truly a blessing for us to attend the event last night. We are all so glad we were there. Beautifully done and so much talent. Had a wonderful time interacting with some of the students as well. <3

Latest & Greatest

  • Monday – Spring Quarter 2018 Resumes!! Yay!!! 🙂
  • Monday, April 2:  Library Lecture Series:  1:30pm:  How to get involved in advocacy
  • Saturday, April 7 :  CAA Walking Team, 8:30 – 9:30am, text Jasmina for location: 408-930-7609