School of Art

Creating with our minds, hands, and hearts.

Department of Fine Arts

Traditional Art Techniques
• Fine Arts Exploratory Lab

Traditional Art Techniques covers such methods as watercolor, printmaking, sketching, and other artistic media. Students contribute work toward our ongoing department portfolio of CAA student artist work. Students with an interest in Fine Arts experience work in multiple styles. They are able to select one of their pieces at the end of class for commercial production as they learn the process of transforming works into items such as mugs, prints, and t-shirts through use of an online site. Graduate students also prepare work for showcasing at conferences and exhibits in museums and galleries, including past exhibits at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum.

Department of Tactile Arts

Collage Art Technique
• Ceramics
• Clay Animation

Collage artwork is made from an assemblage of different materials, thus creating a whole new image. Students explore and learn how to combine poetry, paint, pastels, paper and paste to create new art. Visual creativity and written expression are encouraged for fun and freeing experience. Ceramics courses offer students the opportunity to personally connect to artwork through a hands-on, sensory experience as they watch their creative ideas literally take shape. Students also enjoy learning to share their artistic work and visions with others through representation at collaborative art fairs and exhibits. Clay animation projects are shared CAA’s television productions and film festivals.