Library & Media Resource Center

Using technology and research to connect artists and students with  the world.

The Library and Media Resource Center at the College of Adaptive Arts is a place for information and inspiration. Students can gather to study, collaborate on projects, and socialize. Parents and caregivers can meet to support each other or enjoy a magazine or good book while their students are engaged in the classroom. Professors can find materials to use in the classroom or as part of a homework assignment.

The Library’s mission is in part to support the students, professors, and parents as the students pursue their education.To achieve this:

The Library’s collection contains both physical and electronic materials and is developed in collaboration with the professors.
• Assistive technologies, such as a portable, desktop magnifier and a mobile, flexible catalog stand, and modifying the shelf height ensure that the library is accessible to all.
• Literacy is promoted through creative programs such as Reading Partners, a volunteer activity where readers share their skill with non-readers.
• Library-sponsored workshops and author series based around students’ interests provide a collaborative environment where students can interact with the community.