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School of Dance

School of Dance

Developing a lifelong love of dance.

Department of Classical & Contemporary Dance

  • Folk Dance and Tap
  • Classical and Contemporary Dance
  • Graduate Dance Clinic
  • Showboaters Touring Ensemble

Undergraduate courses in this department promote a lifelong love of dance through instruction in techniques of classical and contemporary styles. Students gain an understanding of ballet, contemporary, jazz and lyrical dance, adding to their repertoire of arts experience and engagement. Dancers also learn to work together as a group on-stage as they rehearse numbers for performance in the community. Graduate level dance courses expand upon learned ballet, jazz, and choreography skills in a course of study designed to teach techniques for teaching dance to children. Selected children attend some classes as teaching subjects, and participating students become comfortable with the concept and process of teaching young children with differing abilities.

Department of Latizmo Productions

  • Latizmo Dance
  • Latizmo Production Development and Dance Touring Company

This innovative combination of hip-hop, salsa, and other urban styles instructs undergraduate and graduate students in working together toward development of choreographed group numbers. Students are engaged by contemporary music styles and dynamic, energetic instruction as they rehearse pieces to be performed at community-based events.

Video instructions for dance students. Please contact janet@collegeofadaptivearts.org for the password.

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School of TV/Film

School of TV/Film

Developing students who can share their life experiences with the world through television production and film-making.

Department of Film Studies

  • On-Camera Acting
  • Film Production
  • Animation and Voiceover
  • Professional Collaborative Workshops

Classes in this department cover on camera acting, camera techniques, photography skills, and editing for live action and animated films. Past workshop examples include independent film-makers and Cinequest Film Festival’s “Picture the Possibilities” emerging film-makers program. Students work toward projects for submission to film competitions and development of CAA’s annual “Celebrate Abilities!” international film festival.

Department of Television Studies

  • Introduction to Television Production
  • Community Video Production

Graduate Production Workshop: “CAA-TV!” at CreaTV Studios Students enjoy classes and workshops teaching basic skills including script development, show breakdowns, interview skills, booth production, lighting, green screen techniques, acting for television, and video editing. Graduate Television Production students work with a guest instructor to develop and shoot episodes of CAA’s original, award-winning television show titled “CAA-TV!” Graduate Production Crew members attend shoot dates at CreaTV Studios in Downtown San Jose and all show development sessions.

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School of Art

School of Art

Creating with our minds, hands, and hearts.

Department of Fine Arts

  • Traditional Art Techniques 1 and 2

Traditional Art Techniques covers such methods as watercolor, printmaking, sketching, and other artistic media. Students contribute work toward our ongoing department portfolio of CAA student artist work. Students with an interest in Fine Arts experience work in multiple styles. Graduate students also prepare work for showcasing at conferences and exhibits in museums and galleries, including past exhibits at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum.

Department of Tactile Arts

  • Collage Art Technique
  • Ceramics
  • Clay Animation
  • 3-D Art
  • Beginning Fused Glass Art

Collage artwork is made from an assemblage of different materials, thus creating a whole new image. Students explore and learn how to combine poetry, paint, pastels, paper and paste to create new art. Visual creativity and written expression are encouraged for fun and freeing experience. Ceramics courses offer students the opportunity to personally connect to artwork through a hands-on, sensory experience as they watch their creative ideas literally take shape. Students also enjoy learning to share their artistic work and visions with others through representation at collaborative art fairs and exhibits. Clay animation projects are shared CAA’s television productions and film festivals.

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School of Music

School of Music

Teaching students to find their own rhythm, voice, and styles of emotional expression through music.

Department of Vocal Arts

  • Vocal Studies

Emphasis on vocal training includes techniques in such areas as breathing, projection, articulation, posture, pitch recognition, note reading, and blending with an ensemble as part of CAA’s Concert Choir.

Department of Instrumental Arts

  • Instrumental Studies and Songwriting

Coursework includes guitar, percussion and other rotating musical instruments, as well as basics of music writing and music recording. Students of all levels are welcome, from beginners to those with previous experience in music study. The only pre-requisite is a love of music!

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School of Theatre

School of Theatre

Building knowledge through creativity, imagination, and compassionate connections to the human experience.

Department of Theatre Performance

  • Theatre Performance
  • Theatre Technical Skills
  • Costume and Makeup Design

Styles of performance studied include units on improvisation and rehearsal with an emphasis on musical numbers, monologues, comedy, scene work, and audition skills. In addition to development of ongoing theatre pieces for touring performance, students enjoy rehearsing and performing a collaborative tribute musical production each summer. We collaborate with local theatre companies such as City Lights and San Jose Stage to provide opportunities for CAA’s adult students to branch out and partner with local arts organizations. Additionally, each July the Theatre Director of Pioneer High School, Steve Dini, volunteers his summer weeks to direct the theatre students in a joyful and engaging musical theatre production which is performed for the community.

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School of Health and Wellness

School of Health and Wellness

Providing instruction in the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity and personal health.

Department of Team Athletics

  • Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading
  • Cardinal Golf
  • Cardinal Soccer
  • Fitness Training

The Cardinal “Rock Squad” Cheerleading team promotes school spirit and community connection through participation and performance at games, parades, and other community events.

The Cardinal Golf team practices every two weeks at Santa Teresa Golf Course, rotating between lessons in chipping putting, driving, and other skills.

Cardinal Soccer team members practice in-season and enjoy scrimmages with other teams in the area, participating as team members and even as assistant coaches to younger players.

Fitness training is also offered inseason and has included a rotating group of sports experiences including ultimate Frisbee, broom ball hockey, and badminton.

Department of Health and Wellness

  • Collaborative Activities for Physical Education (CAPE):
  • CAA & Special Olympics “S.O. College”
  • CAA & AnT Swim School

The College of Adaptive Arts & Special Olympics “S.O. College” will offer a pilot program for graduate students with a PE emphasis or other students meeting course pre-requisites. The course includes teaching team sports skills to children with special needs through the Special Olympics Youth Athletic Program for 45 minutes, and play sports with typical college students for the second 45-minute time block.

The College of Adaptive Arts and AnT Swim School are collaborating to bring a pilot program for swimming to students of all ability levels, in a heated and wheelchair accessible outdoor pool.

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School of Communications

School of Communications

Teaching students to communicate confidently, comfortably, and creatively.

Department of Written Communications

  • Poetry
  • Writing Lab

Undergraduate and graduate writing courses unlock a voice that is sometimes quieted. Whether through poetry, fiction, or biographical work, writing helps each student unlock their voice and help them realize that individuals of all abilities can be writers. Cumulative work includes collaborative use of writing as inspiration, such as written projects developed as inspiration for choreography by students in our CAA School of Dance Arts.

Department of Oral Communications

  • Speaking with Confidence

In Speaking with Confidence, undergraduate and graduate students will learn that improving their body language and vocal variety leads to increased self-esteem. Students will also learn how to become active listeners. In turn, active listening allows students give constructive criticism to their peers. This class welcomes all students and helps train our future public speakers.

Department Of Language Studies

  • Reading Partners

Reading Partners connects students who read and students who need additional help in reading. Students receive a CAA library and ID card and learn to navigate CAA’s new physical and online library system. This class encourages reading and provides a safe place for students of all levels to develop and expand their love of reading.

Department Of Leadership Studies

  • Student Leadership Council
  • Booster Club

Students and families interested in participating in either of these groups receive information on related meetings and events occurring throughout the quarter, planning activities to unify the student body, increase school spirit, contribute insight for the student and family perspective, and organize events for social and fundraising purposes.

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School of Science and Technology

School of Science and Technology

The new School of Science and Technology is offering a weekly Consumer Math class with basic math skills and applications for daily living. Computer use and tools will be incorporated into all classes in this school of study. Also, we are holding individual Life Science workshops involving lecture and participation (example: the first is “The Science of Music”) to define what the students most enjoy and are most excited to learn. We then plan to add a weekly Life Science class next quarter.

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School of Library Arts

School of Library Arts

Using technology and research to connect artists and students with the world.

The Library and Media Resource Center at the College of Adaptive Arts is a place for information and inspiration. Students can gather to study, collaborate on projects, and socialize. Parents and caregivers can meet to support each other or enjoy a magazine or good book while their students are engaged in the classroom. Professors can find materials to use in the classroom or as part of a homework assignment.

The Library’s mission is in part to support the students, professors, and parents as the students pursue their education.To achieve this:

  • The Library’s collection contains both physical and electronic materials and is developed in collaboration with the professors.
  • Assistive technologies, such as a portable, desktop magnifier and a mobile, flexible catalog stand, and modifying the shelf height ensure that the library is accessible to all.
  • Literacy is promoted through creative programs such as Reading Partners, a volunteer activity where readers share their skill with non-readers.
  • Library-sponsored workshops and author series based around students’ interests provide a collaborative environment where students can interact with the community.


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