CAA #CardinalStrong

“What Will You Do With Your Building Permit?” By Pamela Lindsay I love this picture. It depicts everything that inspired this college. Our students are proving every day how they are capable of great imagination, incomparable growth and achievement of their deepest dreams.  This may look like a picture of a graduation. It is so much more. This 10th Anniversary...Read More

A Special Sister Story

I'm sitting with my sister tonight as she is diligently working on her homework assignment from her College of Adaptive Arts Film Studies class, which is to watch her very favorite tv show of all times, Life Goes On, with her very favorite actor of all time, Chris Burke who plays Corky Thatcher. I'm mesmorized observing her furrowed brow intently...Read More

"Thanks Pam & De" by Janet Heathcote, Director, CAA School of Dance

It is December, which means I am fully immersed in the joyful chaos of Nutcracker Season. Long rehearsals, so many emails, sore muscles, costume mishaps, more emails, anxious phone calls, changing schedules, excited dancers, proud families, lots of performances and grateful audiences. Thank goodness for an understanding husband that enjoys Christmas shopping, cooking and keeps smiling when I tell him...Read More

Bringing the Community Together by CAA TV/Film Director Matt Lindsay

For almost two hours, the energy in the small theater in 3 Below was ecstatic as members of CAA, the students, and filmmakers around the community and beyond joined together to celebrate the talents and amazing stories told about or performed by adults and children with differing abilities. And even after everyone had left the theater to converse in the...Read More

How Reading and Writing Classes Impact our CAA College Students by School of Communications Director, Danielle Weaver

Reading and Writing classes at CAA are always some of the most engaging, thought-provoking and popular classes at CAA. Currently, CAA offers 2 classes that focus on reading, 2 grad classes and finally 1 class that focuses on reading and writing.  They are very popular and well attended. As I was thinking of the Theme for our Communications Showcase in...Read More

An Ensemble of Love

I love our College of Adaptive Arts community with all of my heart and soul.  I love our Mountain Mover board members who pour their heart, soul, time, treasure and talents into growing this collegiate model strategically and mindfully. I love our CAA students who show us each day what it means to live in the moment and celebrate each...Read More

CAA’s Artists and SCU’s SCCAP Students Create Art and Inspirational Friendships

Over the last few years, College of Adaptive Arts has formed special relationships with college students from Santa Clara University’s Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP). Part of SCCAP’s mission is to create “leaders of competence, conscience and compassion.” Numerous SCU students have volunteered countless hours creating meaningful relationships with CAA students especially students in the art department. Artists anticipate...Read More

Giving the Gift of Hope

Last Friday morning the College of Adaptive Arts Mountain Movers Board hosted a Thank You Breakfast for Parents, Careproviders, Volunteers, and Staff.  Here's a story of overcoming adversity and Giving the Gift of Hope shared by our incredible College of Adaptive Arts School of Science and Technology Director: Because of my disability I had very little work experience and was never...Read More

Help CAA Grow by CAA Board Member Joseph Siecinski

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with the College of Adaptive Arts for many years. As a business consultant, coach and mentor, I know this organization is laying the foundation strategically and tactically to scale and replicate nationwide, no worldwide.  I have seen this organization grow from a small venture at Randol school to a thriving college serving...Read More

It's Your Time to Shine

by Sharon Lea, CAA Professor It's your time to shine society has come a long way sometimes you have been overlooked some would simply turn away People would lose interest if speech was slow or slurred instead of taking a few minutes of time everyone wants to be heard They couldn't take a moment to see inside your beautiful mind...Read More

Honoring Kim Rains' Legacy

Kim Rains was an exceptional human being.  Kim was kind, caring, funny, intelligent, passionate, visionary.  I was looking back this week on all of the videos she helped produce over the years for the college.  She did so very much for us to grow this collegiate model of education since the very beginning.  She was in almost all of our...Read More

A Wonderful Situation

Robby Sanderson is a 42-year-old young man born with Down Syndrome.  Since Robby left the public-school system at age 22, he has struggled finding a day program that fits his needs.  He started classes almost two years ago at College of Adaptive Arts and he has never been happier.  College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) works really well for Robby for...Read More

College of Adaptive Arts Salutes Spanish55

We are so grateful to everyone in the community who is rallying behind the growing concept that adults with differing abilities want to and can continue to learn past the age of 22, even when it is apparent that they will not be able to access an accredited Associate’s degree on a community college campus. One such community partner which...Read More

Perspectives from a CAA Student

Let me tell you as a student that College of Adaptive Arts (CAA) has something for everyone.   I may not have taken every class that CAA has to offer but we are so much more than a dance floor.    There’s many classes besides Dance classes such as Poetry, Reading Partners and classes that teach you to play the...Read More

To Be a Mountain Mover

A Mountain Mover By Sharon Lea I want to be a mountain mover mountains hold people back create walls of sadness that hide so much truth and beauty I want to push and kick away boulders so, beautiful ballerinas can twirl with grace and dignity wings without fear I want to be a mountain mover crushing boulders blocking the path...Read More

The Ripple Effect

When I’m out in the community and I tell people we run a College of the Arts for adults with special needs, a common response that I get is, “So you are training them for a vocation in the arts?” Certainly a valid question, and I find it an interesting challenge to convey the message that we are truly about...Read More

Celebrate Differences

Celebrate Differences by Sharon Lea, CAA Professor Just imagine a world where everyone is held up high towards the sun and given all the opportunities to be the best they can be. Just imagine a world where everyone is celebrated for who they are and given every advantage to live a rich, fulfilling life. Imagine a world where differences are...Read More

Jen Pleimann Mulry, CAA Mountain Mover, 2010 - 2017

It is with many mixed emotions that I finish up my time on CAA’s board as well as my role as board chair. I am proud to end my term (plus some) with a strong board of ten mighty members who I know will continue plowing through the mountain; with DeAnna and Pam energetically paving the path as they strive...Read More