Suchitha Chetia

Born in India and moved to the United States for her graduate degree in Architecture, Suchitha has lived in the Silicon Valley since the early 90’s. Growing up, she was deeply touched by an aunt who has Down syndrome and so she decided to get involved with CAA since its’ early days.

Suchitha is currently Senior Director of Engineering at VMware, leading Storage and Availability Quality Engineering organization. She brings more than 20 years of experience as an engineering professional in the software industry. She has led teams in the delivery of major software solutions in virtualization, storage, networking, and web-based applications. Prior to joining VMware, she held various management roles at Brocade Communications, Avaya and Netscape Communications. In this connected world, 

Suchitha would like to help raise awareness and influence Silicon Valley engineering community on dedicating their time, talent and energy, to be kind and generous, and be involved in giving back to the community we live in.