Valerie Lindsay

VALERIE LINDSAY is a West Valley College student diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. She has been with CAA since 2009 and is the Assistant Office Administrator and Assistant Librarian. She was an extra in Into the Woods and Music Man while in elementary school. She worked as a stage hand in Branham High School’s production of Aida and onstage in High School Musical and The Wizard of Oz (Glinda). Valerie was recently a Sleigh Fairy in the Moscow Ballet’s touring production of The Great Russian Nutcracker at Flint Center. Valerie also fences at West Valley College and enjoys working on Hollywood projects including a recent background role in Hench. She loves writing stories and Fanfiction of her favorite anime shows. An ardent bookworm, Valerie can usually be found at the library and local/recycled bookstores.