School of Music

Teaching students to find their own rhythm, voice, and styles of emotional expression through music.

Department of Vocal Arts

• Vocal Studies

Emphasis on vocal training includes techniques in such areas as breathing, projection, articulation, posture, pitch recognition, note reading, and blending with an ensemble as part of CAA’s  Concert Choir.

Department of Instrumental Arts

• Instrumental Studies and Songwriting

Coursework includes guitar, percussion and other rotating musical instruments, as well as basics of music writing and music recording. Students of all levels are welcome, from beginners to those with previous experience in music study. The only pre-requisite is a love of music!

Director - School of Music


Gavin graduated from the University of Santa Cruz in 2009 with a BA in psychology, and has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since that time, with a variety of settings and with individuals of different ages and ability. Currently, he is working as a Behavior Analyst with differently-abled adults in both residential and day service settings at California Community Opportunities. He has been working on earning his MA in Educational Psychology from West Virginia University and is excited to apply what he has been learning to make music fun, engaging, and worthwhile! Gavin began playing the guitar at the age of 14, and has enjoyed learning and experimenting with a variety of instruments such as bass guitar, keyboard, ukulele, banjo, drums, mandolin, and synthesizers. He has carried his passion for music with him throughout his educational and professional careers, and continues to love learning new skills to share with students. He trained as a Music Docent with Music for Minors, and has helped train other music educators how to work with differently-abled individuals. Currently, he is expanding his understanding of audio recording and digital music, to ensure students can get the most from CAA's new recording studio.